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  • hzliu hzliu Feb 28, 2002 12:02 PM Flag

    Please do some real discussion,

    AMZN has been relative strong compared with Nazdaq since early Feb with not so strong volume. There were no particular good news. Who has been support AMZN. Strange enough, consider the decline of Nasdaq in the same time, AMZN looks like safe heaven. The future earning of AMZN, at best, is not clear and competition is up. Short cover?? who is the biggest short sale? Sometime the big hands do try to pump and dump. My feeling is for retail hand there is no play on long but without deep pocket don't play short. Lot of times you made right call in the end, but be sqeezed during the course because short of capital or poor mone manegement. Any insight??

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    • There is exhaustive discussion of amazon's prospects following each earnings report. We don't exist to serve fly-by-night pumpers like you.

      Your first task is to determine WHEN the last earnings report was. Once you've read a few thousand posts, you will be in shape to begin to ask questions.

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      • grumpy_and_the_other_six grumpy_and_the_other_six Feb 28, 2002 12:55 PM Flag

        disconnect between the self regard of the individual *homo sapiens* and her/his actual significance to life on eart, let alone to the universe as a whole has to be the *reductio ad absurdum* of "cognative dissonance". Whenever you find yourself upset at the lack of justice in the world, as again I am sure you know, it is well to remember the universe's stony, indifferent face, which unimaginabley faces in all directions at once.

        I agree with you that, given the impossibility of obtaining justice externally, we SHOULD try to to grant it to each other, since we all want it so badly. Still, like any other virtue, if one exercises it with an eye to a return one makes altrism into a commercial transaction and thereby turns virtue into vice.

        If I can remember, and given my ADD I NEVER remember, I'll try to put away as we make them some of these posts in a file for cut and paste or at least reference purposes later on. If you are feeling generous, or if you wish to try to reduce your annoyance level, you could, if you were so inclined, give me a heads up when one goes streaking by.


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