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  • marie_c_poppins marie_c_poppins Jun 16, 2003 12:15 PM Flag

    just shorted 1500, ithis is the Top

    wish me luck

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    • I have no idea where afforded the approx. $50,000 to make your short gamble, and I don't care.
      Something I ommited from my last piece of advice : Do your own research and be selective about " guru research /advice newsletters " These are actually pretty valuable because one typically get's a free trial period. Note the trial expiration.

    • I wish you much luck because you may need it!!!! Fundamentally speaking, you made a smart move because this stock is ridiculously overpriced. I am quite short also. Very very crucial is that you have the available cash to wait out the current upward trendlines until the inevitable crash. It will happen but the shareprice may move against you for quite a while due to overall bullishness and the stupidity of momentum chasers. Bottom line is that AMZN is losing money if you consider GAAP instead of pro-forma.
      Furthermore; they have a huge debtload and an undesirable Standard and Poors debt/credit rating. A ton of covertibles are on the table awaiting redemption due to the huge shareprice runnup. That means that longs will have to eat dilutions because bondholders have the option to convert/buy at a discount and sell at a premium.
      I have recently learned two important things ::: 1) YOU WILL NEVER BE SMARTER THAN THE MARKET ! The collective whole will always win. 2) SHORT on the way down !! I don't adhere to technical analyses, but this stubborness has cost me tons of dough. ( sorta chimes in with #1, huh? )
      Anyway, LOL, hang in and never panic

    • top will be above $36, but you should be able to make a profit in a few days.

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