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  • i_piss_on_rocks i_piss_on_rocks Mar 2, 2004 9:29 PM Flag


    thats what most of you people are. i like how you all act like you're pissed at each other, when you're probably in the same room, jerking each other off, rubbing oil on your friends back, and desperately trying to get a chub going out of the limp dicked grumpy. face it fags, grumpys dick will make it up your ass only when you put on the cub scout uniform and feed him about a dozen viagra. and is 2 inches really worth it?

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    • ######################

      <<Hmmmm. yet more unsupported allegations.>>

      You indeed were very emotionally supporting gay marriages and getting furious at people disagreeing with you.

      <<Ps. here's part where you start screaming what link -- what link lol >>

      I did a search, and those posts are apparently too old. I am not going to play your game--you give me the links to all your posts where you discussed gay marriage, and I will show you which ones were the ones i was referring to.

      BTW, hgow are you having this conversation with me, being that you supposedly put me on ignore.

      Of course you are simply making this up or more likly <sigh> just like last time you will have to come crawling back and ask my forgiveness when you realize it was a differnt poster, not I.

      Hey i DID put you on ignore, ask yahoo! why they can't manage to perform that s(t)imple request. Then again Grumpy said I was on ignore but when I started asking him questions like which he hated more fags or jews... oh boy did he see those posts LOL

      Maybe I should just come out with it:

      I love you.


    • <<Judguing from his fanatic support for gay marriage, I suspect that he and I frequent different types of porn sites. >>

      Hmmmm. yet more unsupported allegations. Let's see I once asked piss_on_rocks if he was opposed to anal sex in genreal or just b/t men. he said just b/t men. What was your take again... you don't like tounge kissing b/t men???lol yet again yo are making up my position on gay marriage. seems like you do not have a good sense for subtlety of arguments...I just asked some, ahem, probing questions to you and others ... but not much more. again feel free to provide a link to your claim. oh that's right you can't.


      Ps. here's part where you start screaming what link -- what link lol

    • expected you to have an exhaustive knowledge of porn sites of all sorts through your rodentology research.

      You don't have to like them, you just have to know where they are.

    • herr_stimple if you go the "any link" route?

      He's likely to be a slower typist one-handed.

    • we all call him rodent. he refers to himself as rodent time and again. he is speaking in third person, no? this aint that hard folks.


    • since he is a rodent and he keeps ref. to rodent does this and that ...that's 3rd person dum dums!!!

      This is TOO EASY!


    • Gee we hardly see your strategy dum dum. Maybe if I ask a zillion times and each time you pretend not to get a request I'll keep asking. screw you dork, either post the link or ZIP IT!


    • was not using the third person. If His Majesty is moved to comment, He will undoubtedly use the Third Person Plural.

    • Hey idiot, you are right. I had to rec that one.
      (I read and re-read that post and figured my English still had some ways to go...)


    • Thanks for the morning laugh.

      I had assumed English wasn't herr stimple's first language, but only a monoglot would get confused about the third person.

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