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  • yahoo yahoo May 3, 2005 3:35 AM Flag

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    • answer your concerns.
      Your idea that Borders
      will be able to buy AMAZON is laughable in year
      AMZN has sixteen times the customers now in 2000 than
      they do in present day 1997.
      Their market cap is
      around 21 billion.
      My advice is to keep quiet and
      patient, don't get greedy and invest $10,000 into AMZN.
      It'll be worth about at least $110,000.


    • AMZN is still undervalue at today's level. Trust me, AMZN is huge out there.

    • Net's overdone...get out... short it....dump it.
      take your money and run...

    • Some people could not see the success of this
      Yes, amzn sells books but they are not limited to
      books. What
      bring return to the investors is not
      necceray what the company
      sells. How the compnay is
      managed is very important. While other book store start
      to sell book on the net, would
      AMZN set & wait
      for them? I think they will have other plans. I don't
      think they have to tell what their future plans are.
      But, the investors know better.


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      • SGMA !!

      • This is just one aspect of my forecast about the
        future of the Net.

        In 1999, three factors will
        drastrically change the landscape of the Net: Net presence of
        traditional retail companies, OEM services, and

        Net presence of traditional retail

        Companies like Amway, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, PriceClub, etc.
        will move to the net to flex their distribution
        muscle. Current crop of net supercompanies like Amazon
        will be forced to stay within 'content' business like
        books, music, and video because they do not own their
        own distribution network. With these companies, you
        no longer have to wait for the UPS truck because you
        can order and then pick it up the next day at the
        nearest store. Price difference is there because of group
        purchasing and shelf-space savings.

        OEM Services:
        real-world services that provides distribution, inventory,
        and support services will spring up in each regional
        areas to provide the needs of the portal mega-sites and
        online shopping services which are either too too small
        or too diversified to handle their own distribution
        nor carry inventory. Why should portal sites hand
        over traffic to vendors like Amazon when they could
        just as well sell the products themselves? It is very
        easy to build catalogs for products like books, music,
        and videos. OEM services provide the


        Multimedia products like books, music, and videos which can
        be reproduced near the point of consumption are
        likely targets for companies Blockbuster which has
        'dropzones' in almost areas. One of the reason DIVX is so
        attractive is because Blockbuster can copy them ondemand and
        avoid overstocking or missing sales. On demand printing
        of books is a little off but dropzones for large
        binaries or e-books, music, and videos, is possible since
        they all involve cheap magnatic mediums.

        Why do
        I mention all this? I do because I am tired of
        people who keep thinking that it is possible for a
        single company to monopolize online shopping. It is
        impossible to do this without monopolizing the distribution
        system. If I was running Amazon, I would buy Fedex or UPS
        to choke my competitions in true Machivallian
        fashion. Of course, that would set back e-commerce by
        three years which is how long it takes for court
        battles to settle and distribution industry to

        If you are just chanting "Internet is king and
        Amazon will rule!" without thinking about these things,
        you don't know what you are betting your retirement

    • Started By: Clam Clam
      Date: May 13 1997 9:11PM

      IPO coming out tomorrow. $14-16 range. Another
      internet flash in the pan?? With, AOL
      and CUC Int'l standing ready to eat Amazon's lunch,
      what are peoples' thoughts on when to short this one?
      Can you say roman candle...

    • Not only do these guys have the best brand in internet bookselling, they may have the best brand period on the Web. What's that worth? At least half their market cap, I would say.

      In addition, this next year is when Internet commerce really takes off. In fact this holiday season, I bet Amazon blows aways sales forcasts. The masses are getting comfortable with e-commerce and Amazon has all these $10-$30 gifts you can buy risk and hassle free. Try that (hassle free shopping) at any major bookstore in America in the next three weeks.

      Great Brand
      Great Growth

      Not enough to bring profitability, but enough to drive the price even higher.

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