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  • tj_shanks tj_shanks May 2, 2007 3:27 AM Flag

    A coming world stock liquidation, probably to be initiated in China,

    BooM before DooM is all it is

    Dow is Not at New Highs "Perse"

    if this is a global economy (and the companies in the Dow are global) then the Dow needs to be corrected for global currecy (this is coming in due time) and all inside America are hearing the sham for what it is "Dow at new Highs, Dow at new highs" ,,,, but nobody made any money is the point

    BECAUSE when longs invested years back the USD was so strong nobody has made back for that loss on its currency so the DOW is only at new highs for American longs (are there any? I doubt it because nothing but options gamblers)

    so longs outside USA are angry and shorting and that is what is causing the run = international amateur hour shorts' money getting taken by banks that were given the authority to strike "discipline" into the markets last year by Greenspan no less

    central banks are next to get disciplined = gold is now the only answer

    see IMF Jan'07 new gold weighting policy

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