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  • bubbleburstsoon bubbleburstsoon Oct 30, 2008 3:34 PM Flag

    I heard a rumor AMZN needs money to pay bills right now

    or they might go BK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • am a postal carrier and I see plenty of amazon parcels, even now. I am a former CPA and financial auditor so I have some analytical abilities and

      You have to be shitiing me right? A former CPA now humping mail, what a fucking retard! Sounds like you were a moron of a CPA.

    • agree with you

      I am buying only indesex and only if the fail 70%

    • Ok, what are the facts that should lead me to believe that AMZN will increase in value? The stellar economy? The great consumer spending data that came out? The P/E ratio above 40 during a recession? A company relying on small profit margins and a large volume of sales, when consumer sales will be at their lowest in 30 years?

      Honestly, with your last response I believe you are being a truthful individual that believes in his position, but I simply disagree with it. So what facts should lead me to believe that AMZN is worth a long position, as opposed to my most recent short position that I entered at $59.

      I'm open to an honest and educated discussion.

    • Yeah, I went from being a CPA to a postal carrier and fool has nothing to do with it. It was a personal choice to out of the stressful carrier track and sitting in an office all day. I love being a Carrier. Outside half of everyday with nobody looking over my shoulder. Also, I did'nt need the money in longer so a mid-life change was in order. But that has nothing to do with my position on Amazon.

      As far as posting my resume - that was my intent. If I wanted to look like a big shot I could have made up something other than the truth. I simply wanted to make the point that I have some basis for my reasoning and its backed up by a background that gives me a skill set to come to a reasoned opinion.

      Your a short despite the facts and nothing I say is going to change your opinion and thats fine. Like I said; short some more, I'll be glad to buy your shares.

    • So you went from being a CPA and financial auditor to a postal carrier and I'm the fool? lol. It always amuses me when folks feel the need to post their resume on a forum. It seems you are trying to convince everyone your opinion is worthwhile as you secretly doubt it internally.

      Frankly, you can call me a fool as much as you want as I have done very well shorting AMZN over the past month. Actually, I just realized that I may be a fool because I'm arguing with someone that's probably in India and being paid $2/hr by yahoo to post here.

      By the way, learn to spell.

    • You are such a fool! If we were talking GM here I might agree but this AMZN!!! The worlds largest online retailer. Traffic is ever increasing. They may not be spending as much with given the current economic conditions but they are still buying. I am a postal carrier and I see plenty of amazon parcels, even now. I am a former CPA and financial auditor so I have some analytical abilities and ... did I tell you what a fool you are?... anyway I digress; this company is dominating its space. Even the big box retailers could not break Amazons grip on internet retailing.

      Yes. stocks can go down 50% after falling 50% but the risk reward of shorting a stock down 50% when were talking about a best of breed company that dominates its space is ... well ... foolish (no offence to the

      You frankly, are one of the reasons I love this stock. Its the shorts that give me great entry points on stocks I want to own for the long-term.

      Please short some more!

    • Such a common mistake. So many people are backwards thinking and assume because a stock has lost 50% that it cannot fall another 50%. The thinking is completely faulty and irrational. The worst is not behind this economy and Amazon still has a long way to fall.

    • Ah! There you are! I noticed that you weren't posting the last two days. Only like to post on days when the stock goes down a little. You are what we like to call a "short bug". You only come out from under the rug when the conditions are right. Well today was your day but you'd better crawl back under ecause the stock will be up tommorow. In fact the stock will be up the next several days for technical reasons. Tomorrow is Mutual Fund and Pension Fund rebalancing day. Funds under mandates to maintain a fixed equity ratio will be forced to sell bonds and buy equities because of the drop in equities in the last quarter.

      Cover first thing in the am and you may save a few bucks otherwise you will wish you never came out from under that rug Mr. short bug.

    • So where does that leave Walmart, which has AP debt a whopping 7 TIMES greater than their cash position?

      Your notion that companies have to pay down all invoices to zero immediately is without credibility.

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