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  • booyababy2 booyababy2 Dec 26, 2008 10:06 AM Flag

    I win - You Lose!

    That's right - I won! I said to buy this wonderful company and the short idiots like "Bubblebutburst" and "Laughter", well, they lost!

    Never, ever, go against a CPA turned mailman. I can not only read financials but I see the orders every day. I would say 700 customers is a fairly representative sample to judge sales trends. I delivered a lot of Amazon parcels this year. I tried to warn you but you would'nt listen. YOU LOSW!

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    • You got a good suggestion there

      And I can definitely do that today.

      Problem with our lives, are that we don't get to decide when we die.

      LOL . . . . what if I end up living till 130 years old? and went through some bull sh!t hyper inflation, that my money won't get me to live another 99 years?

      I'm not hiring booya, quite honestly, in real life, I'm more of an easy going person, I don't scrap up everyone's pennies & dimes. But in business, that is what businesses do. We wipe out competitor, we stay focus on the profit, we get investors to invest in us, to share the profit, and we try not to lose the profit, ever.

      Booya, it's okay, keep longing AMZN
      being relaxed, having all the time in the world to chit chat, is rather luxury. You have a good life there, go enjoy it!!! I know by the sound of it, even if you have lost all your investments, it's just a portion of your money, you still have a much happier life than I do.

      You're right, you should Long AMZN
      But I don't think there is a much upside to this.
      Quite honestly, you are winning the argument because you have a happier life style not because you are right. so yes, you win. I'm the cynic, that spend 95% of the time, thinking what could go wrong, and have my employees do only the 5% of things I think it couldn't go wrong. . . . and there . . . everyone else are so much happier

      I would consider buying a property next to the beach

      it's just that I don't think it'll be in the USA, this country . . . is going down. Good luck w/ you

    • Wow! Your are a little hot tempered, aren't you? You need to chill out and take a deep breath! I'll bet your short MCD because its the only way you could short a happy meal.

      I'd quit before I'd ever work for you. Life is too short to put up with all the BS you must hand out.

      I'll give you some advice that you should take to heart. Cover your amzon short, sell whatever business interest you have, buy yourself a condo in Hawaii and go sit on the beach, relax and forget about making more money. He who dies with the most money loses, not wins! You can't take it with you.

    • You jokers can make all the fun you want out of my going from CPA to mailman.

      To be more specific, I worked in the finance department of one of the nations largest life insurance firms preparing life and health insurance financial statements, then I was an examiner for the state auditor doing financial and compliance audits of state and local government entities. After that I ran the accounting and contracts department for a construction firm. Now I'm a mailman.

      Does all this make me an expert in picking stocks? I would say no but I'd like to hear what you jokers have done that makes you such experts.

      I was correct about where AMZN was going over the last few months - ever sense I began posting on this site. Most of the shorts that challenged me are not replying to these post anymore because they have nothing to brag about. I won - they lost!

      Enough said.

    • And, BTW, you must have been one great CPA to be delivering the mail now.

    • If you think you can predict much of anything from delivering parcels on your chicken-sheet route, you are even dumber than you sound.

    • Boo-Boo baby...weren't you pumping this stock at 75? How do you have time to post when you are delivering parcels? I don't care how many parcels you see when the country is in a recession...Retailers get hit first. You'll see in 09.

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      • The old "weren't you pumping...." comback is not going to work. I didn't voice my opinion that Amazon was undervalued until it was around $50 so don't try to plug that $75 crap on me.

        As far as my available time - I have plenty! You don't need to watch a stock every second of the trading day to know a good value when it's obvious with a little research. Once the research shows you the value, I don't need to redo it every day.

        Retail does take a hit in a downturn but not all retailers get hit equally. Amazon has taken a 50% haircut to get to $50 and its still the best retailer out there other than maybe Costco. You seem to want to paint every retailer with a broad brush. On the other hand if you put some thought into this you'd realize that the fixed cost advantages enjoyed by Amazon set it apart from other retailers. In fact, the demise of many brick and morter retailers that will come in the coming year will be to Amazon's advanatage.

        If you want to commit suicide by following the wall street crowd, I can't stop you. Once again I will win and you will lose!

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