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  • booyababy2 booyababy2 Dec 26, 2008 7:58 PM Flag

    I win - You Lose!

    The old "weren't you pumping...." comback is not going to work. I didn't voice my opinion that Amazon was undervalued until it was around $50 so don't try to plug that $75 crap on me.

    As far as my available time - I have plenty! You don't need to watch a stock every second of the trading day to know a good value when it's obvious with a little research. Once the research shows you the value, I don't need to redo it every day.

    Retail does take a hit in a downturn but not all retailers get hit equally. Amazon has taken a 50% haircut to get to $50 and its still the best retailer out there other than maybe Costco. You seem to want to paint every retailer with a broad brush. On the other hand if you put some thought into this you'd realize that the fixed cost advantages enjoyed by Amazon set it apart from other retailers. In fact, the demise of many brick and morter retailers that will come in the coming year will be to Amazon's advanatage.

    If you want to commit suicide by following the wall street crowd, I can't stop you. Once again I will win and you will lose!

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    • for how long?

      LOL . . . please let us know when you sell, if you're so good.

      Because when the stock falls to like $35, and you come back to post back dated trading like you sold at $54.5 like how Nemesis_editor_2007 does all the time . . . . everyone will just click the ignore button on you.

      CPA to mailman
      is like
      professor to tow truck driver
      and so what if you "were" a CPA
      for years, my CPA always admired my enthusiasm, and the money I made over his.
      but I haven't talk to a mailman for years

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      • I don't have any plans to sell anytime soon but if I do, I will post it. As I've said previously, I'm not a trader. I play the longer term trends. If another on-line retailer emerges to challenge Amazon's dominance, I will reconsider.

        You could learn a lot talking to your mailman. There are way too many jerks in the business world and the only way to find out what's happening in the "real" world is to talk to real people. You might learn something.

        So you think my status went from professor like to more like a tow truck driver. You should have more respect for tow truck drivers. Most professors are self obsorbed know-it-all snobs. The life a tow truck driver is much more interesting.

    • This is where your argument is extremely faulty. Amazon sells discretionary items such as electronics and jewelery. Things that are not essential to everyday life. People will prefer toothpaste and toilet paper over an ipod in a recession. If your truly gun hoe about a retailer try the real ones such as Wal-Mart which is a retail powerhouse. They sell you toilet paper and dvds and ipods cheap.

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