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  • timberlane_99 timberlane_99 Jan 7, 2009 12:07 PM Flag

    Where are the sellers?

    With a fairly big down day in the market I wouldn't be expecting many buyers to flock to AMZN. But you have to wonder where all the sellers are? I mean, these guys have 10-20 pt profits on this and don't seem to be the least bit worried about a move down. I really think that the buyers from the last month will not be sellers now. I think they will be sellers 6-12 months from now at lower prices.

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    • Maybe not get rid of the debt system, but stop leveraging it up to greater degrees of GDP through the abuse of printing paper money: in other words, let the deleveraging happen by letting assets fall to normal levels and then if support is needed, fine. Clear the system by conserving instead of blatent. Supporting banks so they can go back into gambling on AMZN, RIMM, AND GOOD CAN GO BACK TO 60 PE'S WHILE INSIDER GET OUT WASTES MONEY FOR ANYBODY WHO DOESN'T GET OUT ON THE RUN, MOSTLY INSIDERS, AND THEN YOU ARE LEFT WITH EVEN A GREATER DISTORTION SUPPORTED BY THE GOVERNMENT. ENOUGH.

    • I'm not one of those tinfoil wearing doom and gloomers, but what you say is probably correct. However I don't think there is any chance that can happen short of a major wipeout of population and a "starting over" of our race.

    • What we need to do is dismantle the Federal Reserve an illegal entity that is owned by private domestic and foreign banks which are counterfeiting money. W need to get rid of the debt system and the fractional banking system.

    • The FDIC is taking over banks left and right anyway. Except now they are out of money so they have to broker deals with another bank to get them to handle the failure. All the govt needs to do is slap a new name on the sign out front and fire all the useless dead weight. Voila, instant govt run bank. Besides, the gov will end up owning all the banks eventually, they will just waste a lot of money in the meantime trying to prop every single one up.

    • But some would have to oversee those they hired. So they get stuck with the bankers either way. Even if they did as you said, that would still take time to happen. They don't have that luxury.

    • Or they could just hire all the out of work bankers and close up the rest of the banks. If they feed 100bil into the banks, they are probably lucky if 30bil of that trickles down. It's like those charities that have 70% expense ratios. None of the money gets to the people who need it, and the people in the middle siphon it all off for themselves.

    • >They want everyone to get a loan.

      Seems more to me they just want those who need it to get a chance at getting a loan. They don't want you or me to necessarily get a loan.

      Banks are set up to implement that. The government simply isn't. They could train a workforce to take over that function. If they had the luxury of lots of time. But they don't.

    • "Are they set up to immediately implement that immediately? To analyze everyone on a case by case basis to process all those loans?"

      Well, the gov doesn't want to do that. They want to loan to everyone. That's the thing. Everyone complaining about "credit crisis" now. At least at the consumer level, there is no crisis. If you have good credit and the ability to pay back the loan, you will get one. If you don't, you will not. But that is not good enough for the gov. They want everyone to get a loan. Which is exactly what got us into this problem in the first place. The only benefit of the gov doing it directly is at least it doesn't waste billions of dollars on bonuses to CEO's etc in the middle.

    • yes take it from you and me for 2% and give it to the bank for 5-8% and then the bank give it to you for 18%, fed always make money, because they own the banks anyway

    • > they should just do away with the banks and loan money to the people directly.

      Are they set up to immediately implement that immediately? To analyze everyone on a case by case basis to process all those loans?

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