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  • michael_yuwen_chang michael_yuwen_chang Jan 8, 2009 12:54 AM Flag

    Man, I am so F***ed - Part - II


    just so the LONG's & the PUMPER's want to know

    I shorted at $58 on Monday



    and I bought 50 contracts of April $35 PUT (sorry, I'm so broke, I am actually buying that deep OTM)

    Here is the status update

    as of now, my account is currently having a $192,500 paper loss.

    I'm sure, in another week or so, when JAN OPEX, it'll just be some complete $150k loss, and plus the loss of my short core.

    But you know what?

    $150k is a good lesson learned.

    Will I short more AMZN, F*** YES

    Will I ever LONG this turd w/o the shorts & puts to hedge it? ABSOLUTELY NOT, not even for 30 seconds.

    Here is why.
    All companies give fraud / BS financial reports.
    But just like all books, different blogs on the internet, different media / different news reporters, they give different stories.

    Let me just ensure you LONGs & PUMPERs that, AMZN by far, has the most creative story in history.
    World COM never came anywhere hear
    Enron, Bear Stern, LEH never came close . . ..

    When this shit goes down.

    It might not be next 2 weeks or next 2 month
    But I'm willing to side bet 100 shares that this turd, will see single digit in the future, guaranteed.

    I still have 100 shares of $73.xx shorts, I still have 100 shares of $85 shorted.

    Let me just tell you LONG's, LMFAO, when this shit goes down, I really don't want your 100 shares of $0.25 stock . . . . LMAO

    talk all the sh!t you have in the world today, because by this time 2010, 2011, 2012, your rights to even talk shit, will just disappear because this turd is going down . . . once you have reached the top, you got no where to go but down!!

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    • >but at the moment, my AMZN positions are

      >$38 x 500
      >$40 x 1000 (F***ing stupid move)
      >$42 x 1000 (F***ing dumb move)
      >$45 x 1000 (*sigh**)
      >$48 x 500 (getting broke)
      >$58 x 500

      Following laughter all the way (even shorting at 38 like laughter!)

    • >shorting
      $38 x 500
      $40 x 1000 (F***ing stupid move)
      $42 x 1000 (F***ing dumb move)
      $45 x 1000 (*sigh**)
      $48 x 500 (getting broke)
      $58 x 500

      Easy come, easy go. Short pigs get slaughtered. See how all this rabid frothing bankruptcy fantasy, teens fantasy (from that short-shill Laughter) has ruined retail shorts like Mikey. Like how in the world could a short LOSE money in the mother of all BEAR markets?

      No wonder Laugh refused to meet with Mikey. Didn't want to meet one of the many suckers he and timber were suckering to short more with talk of teens and bankruptcy, in the flesh.

    • Man! Your dumb to the "n"th power! You must love losing. Ever heard of the phrase "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on mer"?

      Look in the mirror and repeat this phrase over and over until it sinks in. Then get out of your Amazon postion, take your money and buy Some SSO and chill out.

      If this is impossible to do, just send me a check equal to your investable net worth. At least I'll make losing your money short (not pun intended) and quick. You won't have to suffer a slow death the way your doing now.

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      • Booya, just giving you an advice.

        When you sell your LONG position of AMZN, report it.
        Don't come back and said you sold at $57.31 in a January afternoon, and you went short when the stock is in the $20's

        And Panicbuying, so many posts of yours, not even one made your point.

        Has my $58 gone under yet?

        You know I could've sold some puts on Wednesday to gain my money you know? It's just that I view this turd as a long term shorts, so don't get overly happy about the temporary glory of yours.

        If you remembered, I had $68.75 short cores for over 15 month. I can have $58 short cores for another 15 month.
        You're not the hero here, and you are the newbie. Problem is, I'm okay to admit the newbie factor, and you are just the clown.

        Booya, LOL taking the advice from a mail man is awfully the first for me.

        But let me tell you something, I am considering longing 25 contracts of $65 CALL next week if the stock is still on the up trend. it's dangerous, but I figure, it is gambling. This stock is not seeing $70 ever again.

    • >I shorted at $58 on Monday

      It's underwater... we'll open over 58.

    • >I shorted at $58 on Monday

      57.25... youi're letting laughter take it ALL away!! COVER NOW!!!!

    • 57+.... The profits from your short at 58 is about to completely disappear.

    • It doesn't pay to be right if by the time you are, you're already bankrupted. It's ALL about market-timing. As such, not being willing to go long when the market is obviously going up can cripple or kill you. If you could see the future and KNEW for a fact that AMZN would be up today, would you have gone long yesterday (and close out all your shorts)? If your answer is NO, then the market will eat you alive and take all of your money in the long run. That being said, I don't like AMZN as a long here but also wouldn't short it just yet. I'm guessing it has to hit $60 at the very least, and possibly $64-65. Seems to be running up on Kindle 2 hype.

    • >I shorted at $58 on Monday

      57... you might want to cover before laughter runs it up to 58 in the next few minutes.

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