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  • laughterrules47 laughterrules47 Jan 30, 2009 7:03 PM Flag

    Yes .... We will be shorting more MONDAY


    And we traded the shit out of her today .

    Thanks for the fake pop BS and future GRAVY TRAIN retail fraud of the year.


    Off to party in the Islands ... on AMZN of course.

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    • Every positive achieved last quarter is now built into the stock, and then some. They could grab market share all of this year and still make less/share than 2008, as the consumer's capacity to buy is falling off a cliff. And the PEG ratio is now ?, probably the highest in the S&P 500. This type of valuation ends when the momentum ends. No way for a short trader to play this except to consider the possiblity that the markets make new lows, taking ANY retailer down. Might do better to own 2x inverse ETFs such as WMT, QID, SDS, SRS.
      They will do better in the near future--AMZN will probably hold up until the next quarter. You won't get mid-quarter guidance from these guys.

      Snip from WSJ article online tonight:

      Amazon long has closely guarded details of new products. But the company's unwillingness to provide sales data about the Kindle isn't a minor issue. While the device is presumably a niche product right now -- a new version expected to be released shortly could heighten its profile -- it could be crucial for Amazon's long-term prospects.

      After all, despite its diversification, books still accounted for about 34% of Amazon's world-wide sales, or $6.4 billion in 2008, estimates Stifel Nicolaus analyst Scott Devitt. The Kindle ensures Amazon has a foot in the door in case digital downloading takes off.

      While Apple makes most of its music-related profits from sales of hardware like the iPod, rather than music downloads, the economics on the electronic book reader are a mystery. Amazon presumably makes some money on the Kindle itself, which sells for $359. As for the downloads, one of the more revealing comments from Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos was on a conference call last year when he said that, given Kindle books' lower prices, Amazon hoped "to sell many more units and make less money per unit" but overall have a very strong business.

      If e-reading gains real traction, the Kindle also could cannibalize Amazon's physical book sales. Amazon said that isn't happening yet, noting that the Kindle is generating incremental sales. Whether that will continue, though, is questionable. Early Kindle buyers are likely to be the heaviest book buyers.

      With the premium investors are paying for Amazon right now -- Friday, the stock was trading at 39 times 2008 earnings per share -- it is reasonable to ask for more information on how the digital downloading future affects profitability. Amazon should fill in some of the blanks.

    • Sorry you went off to party in the Islands. Bad timing I guess. Amazon went up 17.64% on Friday while you were away!

    • Joker!

    • Fool!

    • Which Island? I thought alcatraz was closed. Oh! wait, Mcneil Island is still open in Washington State. Say hello to Bubbleburst for me. Tell him I will spend his money wisely. I'm going to invest it in Amazon leeps.

    • I hear Amazon will be selling "laughter" and "bubbleburst" bobble head dolls soon. Tears stream as the head bobbs up and down.

      I'll take a dozen!

    • >And we traded the shit out of her today

      In reality, of course, your Account Balance was drained today. Nice short at 38 laughter!!

    • Where is your cohort - bubble"butt"burst? Obviously, he's also broke. I think I saw him in the welfare line as I drove by on my way to make a bank deposit today.

    • Blah! Blah! Blah!

      Your a complete joke!

      You've been blowing smoke for so long, expect a call from the EPA and Al Gore. You have been wrong for the last two months when I first came onto this post and said AMZN was a buy at $38. You were short at $38 telling everyone its going to the teens. How can you possibly be ready to short more on Monday when you don't have any money left. You lost it all and don't tell me I didn't warn you.

      Listen more to your postman and you can afford to fly to that party island. Good luck trying to get there walking. I know you think your God so let's see if you can actually walk on water.

      P.S. Amazon is still a buy at $58. It will be up again on Monday.

    • you still dont get it. no stock trades on buying/selling demand unless its so severe that the conspirators have no choice but to move a stock up or down.

      of all the volume today, 75% of it might have been "ficticious" or just market makers pretending people are still interesting in trading stocks in the market.

      in fact, 75% of all trading every day could be "ficticious" also.

      if your looking straight at a stock and trying to figure things out, you need to be looking at thing in an manner similar to that movie the matrix.

      you've been living in a dreamworld, where you only see what the dreamworld forces your brain to see.

      once you understand that you'll realize that in 1-2 year amazon will be sub $20. maybe faster.

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