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  • reinhardt_12 reinhardt_12 Feb 3, 2009 4:51 PM Flag

    has anyone ever even seen a kindle?

    much less thought about buying one?

    if i wanna read a book, i'm gonna read a f*ckin' book.... oh' i can't read because the battery went dead...

    what's going to happen to barnes and noble now that books are obsolete?

    kindle... kindle... what the f*ck?

    i say short the piece of sh*t kindle.

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    • Noticed the link gives you all the interviews. Terms for Kindle book cost of sales are discussed in the Stanton interview.

    • Based on the terms discussed in the interview below (link) you can estimate about a 34% gross margin if publishers aim to recoup the same dollar amount in profit as they do from paper books, so $3.40 minus the cost ($1.00?) for Amazon to deliver the book.

      The gross profit from a similar paper edition of the book might be $4.40 but after operating expenses including fulfillment this probably comes out to under $1.00 if Amazon's operating margins are any guide which implies that a Kindle book can drive over twice as much operating income.

      Amazon pays 33% of what the publisher wants the book priced at. So this assumes the publisher will generally want a price that generates a profit similar to the paper book (over $20 or whatever). Amazon then goes ahead and prices the book at the price they decide on their own as they see fitting their pricing mix strategy ($10).

    • Although I assume you post was a Troll, I'll tell you about my Kindle.

      I download books as needed. I subscribe to a daily edition of the WSJ.
      I can bookmark stories or sections of anything I find noteworthy.
      I can increase the size of print. I can search any content stored on Kindle,for example, looking for information in the WSJ on AMZN.
      But, most importantly, I can access the Web for free on their Whispernet. No monthly fees for internet access and I can access the Net anywhere Sprint has service---FOR FREE.
      The screen is bigger (obviously) than a PDA (as is the keyboard).
      I check boards, and trade stocks through AMTD, when out on the road. I've more than paid for the cost of Kindle by just one trade (Duh!).
      I'll step up for the color version when it comes out, I only hope the battery life is not too much compromised compared to the black and white.

    • I have only seen one on their website, see tons of I-Phones and Blackberry phones. Its kind of a rip off, over $350.00 then you have to buy the books on top of that. I can get books on EBAY for $5.00 or less and free at a little thing called a LIBRARY. Shorting this POS.

    • Yes, it may go to the teens after it runs up further. When it gets to $160 they could declare a 10 for 1 split which would bring the price down to $16 a share. That's in the teens.

      Just some simple math I learned as a CPA.

    • Huh? I didn't write that article. Just pointed out the stupidity of the author. BTW, just because AMZN doesn't make any money on eBooks, it doesn't mean it can't go up before it goes down. Stocks don't just have one direction. Let me be clear for you. AMZN will go to the teens. I also think it will go up more before then.

    • As posted to your authored post of a few minutes ago, your arguing both sides of the trade. Got nothing better to do?

    • 1) AMZN does not have the same buying power that WMT has
      2) At $10 for a new release, AMZN is not making any money on an ebook. The same reason why they weren't making any money on physical copies of Harry Potter for $13 or so.

    • I, like you do not know that answer but let's assume, and I believe its a reasonable assumption, that the margin on a paperback is the same as what Wal-Mart is earning. But I believe its even better than that because the cost to sucure that margin is less. Amazon does not have the fixed cost structure that a normal retailer Wal-Mart has. Amazon does have more debt service to cover relative to its revenue base but if $5.99 contributes to the bottom line at Wal-Mart then $5.99 surely contributes to the bottem line at Amazon.

    • "Your article is misinformed and you are making up your argument as you go"

      Tell me then, how much does AMZN make on each Kindle book?

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