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  • rusty_98070 rusty_98070 Feb 3, 2009 10:26 PM Flag

    has anyone ever even seen a kindle?

    Although I assume you post was a Troll, I'll tell you about my Kindle.

    I download books as needed. I subscribe to a daily edition of the WSJ.
    I can bookmark stories or sections of anything I find noteworthy.
    I can increase the size of print. I can search any content stored on Kindle,for example, looking for information in the WSJ on AMZN.
    But, most importantly, I can access the Web for free on their Whispernet. No monthly fees for internet access and I can access the Net anywhere Sprint has service---FOR FREE.
    The screen is bigger (obviously) than a PDA (as is the keyboard).
    I check boards, and trade stocks through AMTD, when out on the road. I've more than paid for the cost of Kindle by just one trade (Duh!).
    I'll step up for the color version when it comes out, I only hope the battery life is not too much compromised compared to the black and white.

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