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  • wbush54 wbush54 Apr 15, 2009 4:59 PM Flag

    This stock going to 200

    Kindle is selling like hot cake, low pe ratio, internet is recession proof, no competition, consumer sentiment is up people are spending again, bank are lending so people can spend more and buying on the internet is fun.

    People cannot stop buying thing they dont need. Amazon will keep selling to these shopping junkies

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    • The company is much more likely to go bankrupt before hitting a stock price of 200, 20 is more likely than 200.

    • avoid this stock

      Put in the stock symbol AAPL to find out why it isn't going higher any time soon

      btw, they also talk about the next Microsoft

    • I agree but not until 2010 holiday season. This is a year to work slowly higher; maybe 95 -100 by Christmas. Next year the stock will double.

      I expect a pull back between now and August so I sold mine today. Bought a few months back at $38 and wanted to book the profit. I expect to be fully back in by September 1st.

      Good Luck to all - expect Laughter and Bubblebutburst. Those two suckers are now playing with money they borrowed from their Nana and Papa.

    • $200, are we back to 1999 dotcom bubble time again ? or are you day dreaming ?

      Do you have idea how much it has to make to keep $200 stock price ? With PE ratio at reasonable high 30, it has to make
      around $7/share annually. Can it do it in the next 12 months, even next 5 years ? I really doubt it

      E-tail business is not easy because consumers only have loyalty to the price. If Amazon doesn´t have lower price, people make purchase from other online stores, and even local stores. If AMZN has the lower price, it kills its margin.

    • In the next few weeks- I want to sell my position

    • You are kidding, right?

      "Internet is recession proof" - Check out GOOG, YHOO, BIDU, etc, etc.

      "Kindle is selling like hot cakes" - Kindle alikes are going to sell like hot cakes too, comes with different flavors.

      "This stock going to 200" - That is very possible, one may just have to wait a very long time, definitely not in the near future though.

      When the earning hits a buck per quarter on the average, I'll start looking into the possibility.

      Can you give me a time frame as about when this stock is shooting at 200 target, so I can write myself a note and set an alert.

      Thanks in advance!

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