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  • piezodude piezodude Jun 30, 2009 4:12 PM Flag

    long or short

    Personally, I think the tax stuff heat has been turned up. Try to figure out what big money is thinking. They are thinking the exit is narrow, get out, trim back, bring the stops closer, etc..

    They ain't thinking to buy.

    Minus manipulation, I believe it starts to sell off from here; maybe it runs for a double top; usually does, but the selling might prevent it.

    Just a thought.

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    • nicely put

      window dressing is over today (or few days ago for some funds)

      Let's see the real demand for the stocks at this level

      I guess one research co just put an upgrade out this AM.. Wonder why they did it today... ((raising my eyebrown))

      My guess is we will be flat until mid or later next week. The job number tomorrow might make this mkt pop one more time.. we shall see. I am keeping my power dry.

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      • Seems like a lot of times you see an upgrade and the stock goes up and sells off, like it did today. It did go back up, though. Then the next day, no buyers. Could see buying tomorrow (Wednesday), but a lot of times what I said seems to be the pattern. If you look at the one year chart, you might expect a double top. These thinly traded, retail "heavily" traded stocks fool you, though; might not make the double top run, for that reason. And as I suggested might happen, big money might be pushing one another aside to be the first to sell. They had some really good revenue growth numbers, but hey reality is reality and reality is a crumby economy, crumby retail numbers lately. They will feel the effect. Big money knows it or isn't likely to gamble. Smart money doesn't gamble. Stops taken out become a big avalanche and they experience that all the time, since they handle so many shares. We are the lucky ones, riding the wave. I had my computer off or I would have built at least a partial short today near the close. Maybe its a good thing. If the pullback in Iraq gets a lot of attention, it could take the market up. I can't see how unemployment will look good, but it might, and they might find a way to say its not falling as fast or something. Its best to trade the charts, wait for the trade to come to you, than gamble shorting the close, anyway.

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