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  • buylowvvv buylowvvv Oct 15, 2012 1:48 PM Flag

    And to think last year, this nation was threatened with bank runs,

    "sounds like you came here too early to be a basher monkey to me. How do you know what I understand or don't. What I do understand, is that you came here posting after AMZN crossed a ??? multiple and are bashing the stock. Just wondered why you were here for the the run to that. Your answer, dancing around any real reason for being here, reflect what I thought: you are here as a basher and have no money invested in AMZN because you already lost it shorting AMZN. Another one exposed....."


    The d'cless clown is jealous that someone is in on his sophomoric posting schemes on Yahoo..

    D'cless has been bashing folks on every Yahoo message board he can find....FOR YEARS!!! Hence his earning the well-deserved moniker, "d'cless clown," so long ago. You are tryuly a pathetic d'cless clown, daveyboy.

    ....and to think that you have NEVER had a position in any of the securities on whose boards you crap on on a daily basis!!!

    This sickening need for attention and validation is truly a d'cless clown trait that only you can wallow your feces.

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