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  • lookforward2010 lookforward2010 Dec 5, 2009 6:54 PM Flag

    Monday market will be red

    who bought AMZN at 145. wow, $145? you must be kidding me.

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    • You just have to look at the AH the past two days to see how they incorporate the high volatility/low volume to push the price higher, to just lure the little fish out in the open, and then massively sell in one swift swoop in regular trading hours!

      There is still optimism in the "home gamer" world, due to the talking heads and because its the holidays! With people more willing to part with their dinero due to the hype of a better economy and a brighter future, financially desperate traders feel its time to make a quick buck. Unfortunetly, the men behind the curtain have already made their quick buck many times over, and now its time to pass the buck, or better the bag, to the misguided "home gamers!" The MMs/large hedge funds need to make realized profits by year end...there has to be a loser in order to have a winner!

      Just compare the correlation between the "home gamers" and market moves, its damn criminal...when the individuals are starting to become optimistic the market falls and vis versa!

      I love it how analysts and fund managers unanimously state that individual investors have not participated in this current bull run, until recently!

      I hate to say but its going to be a black christmas, its already programmed into the machine!

    • probably some hedge fund drove it up to shake out the shorts from the 90's area before the move down and to persuade other shorts i.e. those who shorted around the 120-130 area to cover at break even prices as it moves to those prices and not wait for a bigger move down. Yesterday the stock bounced off the 13 day ema (135. I believe a close below that technical level will confirm short term bearishness.

      Disclosure: Short at 132

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