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  • cramerican2010 cramerican2010 Jan 25, 2010 5:34 PM Flag

    singlion the troll


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    • Bash on .......reveal ur dirty souls
      amzon=jeff bezos=hedge fund criminal mafia gang manipulation=loot of pensions in 100's pf billions
      fri, january 8, 2010 7:18:00 am
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      bezos is ex hedge fund criminal crook..his shares are pledged mafia style..for last 20+ years of milking those shares offshore...................that is the real deep throat ponzi scam dragnet to loot usa pensions in 100's of billions for so long

      even fbi fucks can nail him

      only cia can decode the criminals dragnet loot of usa pensions..amazing

      sec fleeced fucking asshole dogs...............must be shut..hanged saddam style

      usa homes busted
      usa pension bust next...........

      criminal jeff bezos scamazon $3 ponzi trades @$130+?usa pensions loot
      100's of billions ...20+ years scam..........
      amazon; trading pattern crime in trading pit & manipulation scam is crystal clear:fbi is direly in need to nail criminals
      sec fucking dogs are pure breed pets for wall street criminal bankers

      usa pensions stacked with garbage paper stock options next bubble bust=usa pension bust complete

      sec fucking assholes aided pension loot .........jeff bezos criminal gang scams every day relentless

      sec fleeced dogs
      cnbc nazi propaganda network for criminals

      crammer crook; you are proven crook

      is goldman sachs criminals blessing you for protection?

      you are one sob criminal crook ever seen on mad tv network with mad criminal scam brain

      sec fleeced dogs :

      liberty must rule and tyranny and injustice must be fought

      is their any liberty soul at enforcement division to carry founding fathers liberty torch to fight tyranny?

      (((((((((((true house of deception and lies=white house))))))))))))))

      cheers for 2009 rewarding criminal home grown financial alqaeda

      and banging us hard with more scams, debt slavery hell and no jobs

      enjoy the white house soul less chicago mob shill

      history will engrave your name in hell .........

      founding fathers spirit is waking up across the nation, we have not lost our hope, we carry the liberty hope torch of founding fathers

      "i think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ chris floyd

      scam dividend

      here is your best job advisor ceo @amazon ..jeff bezos (ex hedge fund criminal gang)

      he laughed at you and enjoyed the great entertainment for job creation advice:

      jeff bezos fake laugh loot scam via sales tax loop hole in usa and vat tax loop hole in eu. Destroyed retail brick retail jobs in usa

      biggest warning ever

      jeff bezos gang scam loot broke all records from pensions

      20+ years of loot via biggest sales tax loop hole and cook book scam

      jeff bezos fake secret code is decoded= here is fake laugh decoded transcript for you all:

      i jeff bezos fucked you all in usa with your fuck crook rulers in washington dc help.
      presidents bow to me you usa working class dumb fucks

      i can rob your pensions at will
      i can bang all states on sales tax
      i was named man of the year by time in 1999

      you usa working class deserve to fucked
      i enjoy with fake laughs when you fucks cheer me up...

      i love suck dumb fuck generation in loot is now worth $20 billion

      your fucking state politicians and washington are in my pocket

      i will keep fucking and robbing you , so long you keep cheering me............

      i will loot $20 more billion from your pensions in 2010

      my thirst for your blood is relentless

      sec fleeced dogs are my puppets

      they eat my poop and are loyal fleeced dogs

      i thank you all for great blood sucking opportunity you fucks handed me in 2009

      i will spin every scam pump news without any real numbers and you fucks can not touch me

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