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    aapl computer has topped at 279.01. i pointed out two days ago - while it was occurring- that aapl was putting in an "outside day" at the top of a historic run. it gapped up to a new alltime high in the morning, up almost $5 (2.5%), then gave back those gains, turned negative and dropped below the prior trading days' intraday low, down almost $5, and then closed below that prior days' intraday low, an approximate 5% top to bottom trading range , and a 5% one day move on a day when it makes a "outside day" at the top of a 1000% - that is PERCENT- move in a 5 year period. euphoria for a company that makes current day popular gadgets. aapl has moved so far during that period, that it now accounts for over 20% of the value of THE ENTIRE NASDAQ EXCHANGE. remember the nasdaq is a market cap weighted index , as opposed to the dow which is a "price weighted" index. and aapl gets over 51% of its total revenue from one product - a phone. now say that to yourself slowly - one company comprises over 20% of the entire value of an entire stock exchange, and that one company gets over half its revenue from one single product - a telephone. now that is not only a recipe for disaster for that one company, but thats a recipe for disaster for the stock exchange that that company trades on, and thats a recipe for disaster for the country in which that stock exchange resides.

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    • Thanks for a great editorial concerning Apple. Based upon your distored logic I'm taking a position in AAPL.

    • I've written many times before AAPL going down is a good thing for AMZN.

      The money which will come of of AAPL will be shoved into AMZN to make weighting more even in Nasdaq 100.

    • AND NOW - that ONE COMPANY upgraded its ONE PRODUCT that it derives OVER HALF ITS REVENUE from, and it is met with "the anticipated" euphoria (translated - built into the stock price) , but then a funny thing happened - the product that was SUPPOSED TO DO EVERYTHING , couldnt even do the one thing A TELEPHONE should - make a phone call. Thanks for that antenna steve jobs. and what will the analysts say on monday - uh, "its not a big deal", "wont impact earnings", and what will cramer say - "buy buy buy" , and they ALL have ONE THING IN COMMON- there are 40 analysts that follow aapl computer (doesnt include cramer as he is far from an analyst, and at best a 'tv figure' ), and 39 of the 40 have aapl rated a "strong buy", "outperform", or "buy". now they , including cramer, are already in the stock - what do you expect them to say - "dont buy" , be serious people, who do you think is trying to unload those shares that you are being told to buy, some grandma in a remote land (no offense to grandmas in remote lands), THINK FOR YOURSELF, if you havent sold aapl and any related garbage yet - GET OUT. and "whats related garbage" , you say - uh, remember where this thread started- this whole topic was about ONE COMPANY that could do no wrong, due to ONE PRODUCT that could do no wrong, and now the most 'advanced' form of that product was just released- and it cant even do the most basic function - AND IT WAS ALL PREDICTED BY THE CHART - again , read the item in the thread - the "outside day".

    • Bear, you are spot on. Read my rimm question from this morning?

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