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  • geegenjar geegenjar Sep 19, 2010 11:37 PM Flag

    Shorts, if you're so smart, answer this question!


    Why should bad job numbers (high initial claim numbers, high unemployment rates, etc.) cause the stock market to go down?

    I bet you can't answer this question.

    Can you?

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    • NOthing makes this market go down.

      Just BUY !!!!

    • Well, the answer is that bad job numbers don't cause the stock market to go down.

      I've known the answer for years. That's why I've been making money buying calls on AMZN while.

      If you guys ask me politely, I may consider giving the reason why bad job numbers don't cause the stock market to go down.

    • Furthermore, market sometimes goes down with bad number and sometimes goes up with bad numbers. it depends upon them (with a lot of money and power) when to take the market up and when down. Nothing matters if they dont want it.

    • it should not, (high initial claim numbers, high unemployment rates, etc.) are lagging indicators, just like they were march 09 when everybody thought the fundamentals were horrible, but the market rallied. It really depends on what time frames you are studying. Why do you think AMZN demands people to pay 50 years worth of earnings just to break even? Sounds like there is no fundamental logic to place that long of a bet. Just accept the fact AMZN is overpriced and people are currently dumber than you and willing to buy higher than you and count your lucky stars, but you can still make money buying high, but longer term when the steam is released eventually people will reconsider valuation and the long momo traders will cry they did not see it coming and contrive a great conspiracy theory instead of using their brain to understand no reasonable person pays 50 years of earning upfront for a online retailer facing stiff competition, little book value, non transparent, and a government hunting for tax money, but dont worry 50 years is not that long, you can hold out, cant you? What is your age?

    • gee your right, nothing matters really.

      AMZN is not trading fundamentally.

      Its a combination of fed money supporting high beta, defrauding traders (usually shorts/puts since this valuation is ridiculous), and also a collective collusion on holders to hold most shares and conspire when to sell based on if/when traders are defrauded..

      nothing will matter until the game has matured.

      when the stock hit $151 and the nasdaq peaked in may, the scam matured, and there was more to lose for the crooks by keeping the stock high, at that point which all shorts were wiped out entirely..

      they probably communicated with their funds in May that they were peaking the market, and to sell some AMZN and they'd match up the next 3 months in sales with the last 3 months in short coverings..

      its a clear rigged game, anyone with a brain can see it. i have first hand knowledge on seeing it myself.

      gee your a small timer trading calls in a rigged game.

      im glad your making money, now try to be humble and not insult people for being defrauded while you gain from it.

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