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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 22, 2010 6:08 PM Flag

    84% Institution Owned, 84 Million Bezos Own, Short AMZN???

    So do we just hunt people down and blow them away? Is that the answer?

    Do we incite riot and and spill the bloods of Senators and write new laws written on their hides?

    Are we getting F'd and taking it like sheep? Should we revolt and take back control?

    What does a guy with 20 Million dollar know about what a guy with a family and mortage needs?

    Do we march on the steps of Congress and take it ALL BACK!!!

    The morning shannigans were impressive. Gordon Gekco would be proud.

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    • <<So do we just hunt people down and blow them away? Is that the answer?>>

      It seems there are a lot of anger in the main street and that's dangerous for the manipulators. I still remember in 1999, some trader who went into two brokerages/trading firms and went on a shooting spree, killed himself, his kids, wife too. That was on the news then.

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      • lest not for get Versailles and the hyperinflation was a jewish conspiracy in Germany and the anger was strong enough to allow for the near complete elimination of that race.

        so the scapegoats in this crisis should be scared imo.

        for example, O'Reilly on the View labeling the "muslims" as the folks who hit us on 9/11

        as opposed to extremists.

        man is that narrow minded sadly.

        so if Ben Shalom Bernanke gives us a hyperinflation as he's more or less said he would in his Nov 2002 speech, will America once again label those folks as the scapegoats?

        dangerous stuff we're dealing with in society.

    • theres no solution on the fixes, because what you have is 300million people who arent really 'united' while about 1-2million people control them behind the scenes.

      overall, revolution would be ugly, but probably the only thing that might work long term.

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