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  • newmarketpro2002 newmarketpro2002 Oct 22, 2010 7:01 PM Flag

    84% Institution Owned, 84 Million Bezos Own, Short AMZN???

    <<Do you think your trades are protected? MMs know where your trades originate from and with trading algorithms, they know how much of it is short from each broker, Ameritrade, big scam...that is why you do not short this stock.>>

    I posted that several times before and my posts got deleted. Your brokers not only publish your positions, they also have their own trading devisions trading against your positions if it's large. It's like in a battle field, you are standing in the open space naked while your enemies all hiding in the dark surrounding hills behind the bushes with military fatigues to disguise them, how you going to win?

    So, stay away, close your account with the brokers.

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