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  • dutchboyinvestor dutchboyinvestor Aug 5, 2011 3:33 PM Flag

    What's Great About AMZN Stock

    No matter what it drops its always over-valued. Its' just a matter a degrees of over-valuedness (if that was a word)

    Mind numbingly overvalued
    Grossly overvalued
    Richly valued

    Today we are solidly in the grossly overvalued camp.

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    • Wasn't he the guy who duped you into shorting Amazon from 130 to 170 (and other times you're to ashamed to admit after that), fooled you into believing it was a double dip recession then, where you lost $1 million on your short (like you did the other times you subsequently failed to disclose here)?

      Are you a moron, now?

    • "you're sitting on a 100 PE stock with blah blah..."

      Like I told you a high PE stock like Amazon outperformed all the low PE stocks so why would I not keep it plus buy even more if the market crashes for a short time?

      As for earnings, If I think they're going up a whole lot more after the temporary investment cycle why would I obsess over the wrong data points the way you do. Your "earnings" from you short were plunging so if I use your logic you should cover for a loss. OK after you cover for a loss I will reconsider my position, but until then it seems like you are just some kind of liar. You believe somehow it is not OK for Amazon to temporarily have less profit and at least they have one, while you yourself do nothing but sit on your increasing losses. Makes no sense.

      You say the cycle is pie in the sky, I say your blind belief to the contrary is pie in the sky to an unlucky and pathetic loser who made the mistake of shorting at $180 for a whopping loss. Sour grapes.

    • "Remember Bernie Madoff, Enron, etc?"

      Yes. Do you?

    • I didn't fudge anything, I just followed the rules. The rules were I could claim $178 / day for housing in NYC, no receipts or explaination necessary. If I stayed on a contract for over a year, my assignment wasn't "temporary", and I would have to PAY BACK all the claims for temporary housing. The IRS forced me to keep moving. If I had been permanent, I would have been able to buy a house and claim all the interest on my mortgage.

      My point was you can't just look at the numbers and think you know the story. Remember Bernie Madoff, Enron, etc?

    • Ok so you fudged some numbers to prove that you had a little income to get the IRS potentially off your back. Its a little harder for AMZN to make up numbers.

      Btw thanks for helping to screw up this country. Your crooked accountant too who probably new you weren't paying your fair share.

    • I've been in business, I've had several businesses in my career. I was working a project in Philly, when my accountant called me and told me I needed to start showing profit or I could face the wrath of the IRS. I was breaking no rules or laws, but I believed him, and asked how much profit I needed to show. He said to show at least $200 / week, so I did. Do you think Amazon is struggling to keep above water? Do they have a problem paying their bills? Do you think Jeff could show monster profits if he had any reason to do so? I do. If you would spend half the time you're on the internet arguing with nemesis (who obviously HAS done his homework and knows what's happening) doing your homework, you'd benefit greatly. Ask yourself, are you making money on AMZN? Lots of people are, even dumb hillbillies. Why not LISTEN to nemesis and learn instead of arguing and being wrong? And no, I'm not a paid pumper, I'm a free pumper.

    • You need to add categories for what is happening to the earnings, like:

      - stable
      - falling
      - plunging
      - imploding
      - disappearing

      Right now they are on "plunging", but there's a good chance they will "implode further" and be close to "disappearing" in 2-3 quarters.

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      • It's hard to believe that you think "there's a good chance that AMZN will be close to disappearing" in 2-3 quarters. Looking at Jan 2013 puts, I see the most open interest at strike $120. The ask for those options, so for $1000 you could buy 100. If AMZN is under $20 in Jan 2013, you'd make $9,000. So why not do it? Perhaps you already have. Why don't you share your position with us? If you just post that you believe it's going to $20 in 15 months, and you're buying puts, I'd reply that I disagree, but good luck to you.

        I try to imagine a senario where that could happen. I suppose Amazon could start doing everything wrong, even though up to now they've done everything right. Then after a year Jeff announces that he's just not focused, he's too interested in his Clock and space travel, so he's leaving the company and turning it over to someone else who will be totally focused. Then Jeff could casually sell his shares and bank his billions.

        Or I suppose they could get sued and lose, but that would take years, and even if it did, they'd probably work out a payment plan (which is how they could collect the most money), and AMZN would likely recover.

        It seems to me that most companies that "disappear", i.e. go broke, do so because they can't pay on the money they've borrowed. Amazon has no debt. I doubt if you really believe what you're posting.

      • But next quarter if they increase sequentially by 5 fold, that could be considered skying or soaring, so you have left out quite a few other categories.

      • And how long until they hit "re-stating"?

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