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  • philandjoel1e philandjoel1e Aug 16, 2012 9:51 AM Flag

    Vix rising + market rising = divergence ==> DEATH

    Theze markets are so ph'u'ck'ed people wont know what hit them when their ira's, pension funds, 401k's and baggie retail pumped up stok buys get nailed by a frieght train.... Sybs the conductor of the train, bernanke is feeding fuel into the engine, geitner is standing on the caboose and a bus load of baggies are stuck at the crossing.... This time when the markets get zapped, it will happen at 4:03pm on a friday fland people will wake up monday have some eggs, sweat until 9:30 as the news yammerz on incessantly, and at 9:30:01 AM on some unfurtunate monday find themselves flat ph'u'ck'in broke in an inaccessible locked up market....

    Too funny ph'u'ckerz - its an easy call...

    1. There are no ckt breakerz on ah tradez

    2. Scam robots do some of their nastiest unregulated algos in the ah to maximize pain and gain

    3. Sheople in 401k's mutual funds cant access their money in ah... They have to wait until the CLOSE of following business day to get their coin

    4. Fido will rule the day and lead the charge for what will be the biggest single day wealth transfer from the many to the few in the history of the entire world as they unload their trillions of dollars in BUllsheit pumped up stox in exchange for the sheoples bernanke bucks as cramer is simultaneoysly tooting his horns, ring his bells, and jumping up and down with incessant recommendationz to "BUY BUY BUY" on the monday the markets open down by 10% and close down 25-30%.... The entire market... That would be s&p 985 at tge close from here and falling like a stone to 600, then waffling down to 450 and stopping there if we are lucky.....

    There.... Now you have sybs doomsday scenario. Stay tuned idiots. Stay tuned.

    Its comming

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    • Translation: this clown needs "doomsday" just to break even at this point.

    • They are handing out koolaid on the bus that is broken down on the trax.... Saying, "its all good. Relax and enjoy your koolaid. Next we will have an entertainer named Ben where he will make money appear out of thin air, make value dissappear out of the pockets of 99% of the amazed audience, and then reappear as dollars in the pockets of a select few lucky 1% ers who already have so much money they dont need to worry about the loss of value due to the taxing effects of 4.00 gas and 5.00 milk and much higher interest rates to come....

      Like the musicians on the titanic, violin playerz will strike a cord to calm the panic stricken az they seek a lifeboat...

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