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  • grandapa.clampett grandapa.clampett Aug 19, 2012 3:20 AM Flag

    Here Comes Traditional Sept-Oct Crash Season

    Most of the big stock market corrections and crashes start about now and end in late October. Maybe this year will be different? Sell in late August and buy back in November seems the safe play.

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    • Actually, most of the corrections have started in May and bottomed sometime during the summer.
      After that, the market begins climbing a wall of fear.
      Were now on a momentum driven breakout.

      • 1 Reply to Edison20
      • Thats your post 2008 crash observation, which has held true....pullback in tge summer, rally in the fall into q1 to new highs... This would be a 4th reapeat of that post 2009 phenominon 2009, 2010, 2011, ?2012?.... The market relies on people simplifying trends, and it also relies on contrarians overthinking them and doing the opposite... Whoever outweighs each other is the group that gets screwed because mr. Market is a dirty old pervert that likes to ph'u'ck the largest number of people possible... Sybil Has it planned both ways..... sybil is a short.... The sybil call - The markets will continue to rally on short covering into the fall where sybil continues to short all the way up - sybil holds a possibility of s&p 1700, but considers such leves obsurd (which didnt prevent it from happening in 1999-2000.... Sybil is ready if this happens..... Conversly sybil has the market crashing to 666 to 450 at the end of this particular run, wherever it ends from here to 1700.... Sooooooo Sybil is betting short on the following:

        0 to 20% upside from current levels to s&p 1700 (avg 10% upside left in the market)


        54 to 68% downside level risk from current 1420 to 450 on the s&p...

        Its an easy bet to make.... And the higher the market and bs stox go, the easier the short bet becomes to hold and to make.

        Remember boys and girls money lost is veeeerrrrry hard to win back.... Todaus 50% loss is tommorows 100% gain to break even again...... A 70% hit takes a triple to win it back....

        Good luck ph'u'ckers - sybil is one retailer that will be skulking around in tge shadows of robots trying to take the money of those idiots betting opposite of sybils bet.

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