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  • philandjoel1e philandjoel1e Aug 20, 2012 3:56 PM Flag

    Shorting scam stox.... Such an easy call

    Worry free "divestments"

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    • I do (and you know that from our other boards. But, I like the ones that will be cut by 10% one morning... (or 25% like CMG).

    • "Tech: Why not short a stock that's going down?"

      One of the best posts I've seen in years.

    • Tech: Why not short a stock that's going down?

    • Sybs:

      It's like a Pavlovian response for MOMO junkies. They cannot help themselves. The market will break their addiction by bankrupting them. Unfortunately, most on this board are just shills trying to help take money from others.

      Don't get me wrong based on earlier comment. I am net short big time and have no intention of cutting short position. 75% cash so I have LOTS of powder dry to power up on these scams...

    • What you essentially saying is sell low (short aa, bac, and csco), and buy high (buy amzn)... You got it backwards homes... Do Let the posting community know how that works out for you .... Too funny ... The level of absolute retardation is astounding... Its no wonder why a man and his robot find the markets such fertile feeding grounds....

    • Wait..... Werent you pump pump pumping nflx from 220 on to 300 and still in a rally cry when it hit 125? Did you blow bubbles as a kid? Werent you blowing sybs some shiet at nflx too? We know how that one turned out, dont we? Back for another round so soon after being sodomized at cmg too? Well any way The circus is back in town and bubbles the clown is hotly looking for you with fond memories of bubble blowing days of old

    • The only thing I'll be saying is "sybil was a deranged ol' tranny"!!!

    • It doesnt matter how high it goes because it will crash and longs will be trapped in an after hours 30% drop.... Now that being said it will be hard pressed to make a new all time high, but if it does it should be shorted more, for in hindsight a short at 240 will appear to be genious... Just ask sybil - sybs shorted nflx all the way up to 303 which was sybs highest short... You no longer have to be afraid selling longs and selling short, because the markets are going to crash.

    • wrong: it's worry free because you don't know where the bubbles end: wasn't worry free in 2000 to short the Naz at 3500 b/c it went to over 5000 before the drop to 1108. Worry free is the wrong word: :"Healthy respect" for how nuts the leadership is to time after time create asset bubbles on easy money is more like it. They have a "printing press" and use it time and time again. Too bad the aftermaths of their actions using it is cracking the Country with the outlandish ratios to prove it.

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      • We have stupid paul ryan now to insure deflation for his own gaination.... Its in the bag... Worry free.... The biggest worry people are going to have is trying to get out from a long position and get in a short position....

        401k holders have no worry for what is about to smack them because they dont have a clue... When is the last time you saw a Retard worry? Happy as a clam they are.... Oblivious to everything

        OK on the 2000 run: stox were very high and very loved at the same time then....

        Now stox are very high and very hated at the same time... The wad is spent, and the economy officially wrecked... The only shorts that are worfied are those with a weak stomach that bet too much... Longs arent worried - they are retarded (see para 2)..

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