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  • nasdaq_6000_baby nasdaq_6000_baby Aug 21, 2012 9:47 AM Flag



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    • Tech,

      Great way to play it. I almost sold half this morning when it was over 26. I think it will hold up well if the markets implode. Still waiting for the real short squeeze but that might not happen until after next earnings. Still might liquidate some, wanting to short SSYS, CRM and more AMZN and need the funds. - PJ

    • Of course. But, I'm not viewing as an earnings play. I'm looking at the strategic game board and seeing trouble for CRM. The entire OpenStack initiative (consortium to eliminate AMZN's switching cost /lock in to AWS) is also providing fodder for RackSpace and folks like that to layer in open source / portability for CRM. I see RackSpace acquiring someone like SugarCRM and scaling the offering to its much broader base. More price / margin pressure for CRM and elimination of lock in effect (most CRM systems just aren't that different because they all target the same business processes...).

      It is a small position for me, but like GMCR is could pay off big. FYI PJ, I took 40% of my GMCR position off at the close today. I pocketed $15K net of original investment and everything I have left is the houses money, so no matter what I will have made out well there. I have no intention of selling anything more as I believe it will see $40 (in which case I'll make another $60K or so) within 12 months UNLESS we have a meltdown, in which case I'll make a killing elsewhere (here?).

    • Tech,

      I know the feelin'. I missed on 20 SSYS put contracts at the high this morning by 10c! But the GMCR more that made up for it today! - PJ

      Anyone playing CRM on Thursday? This run up has sell off after earnings written all over it.

    • Nasdaq_6000 is feeling ganged up upon and persecuted here at these levels.... He aint seen nothing yet... Wait until this pig goes netflix, greenmountain, krispy creme on him.... Then he'll be getting gang banged by shorts....

    • Dieck stuck in his mouth...

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