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  • philandjoel1e philandjoel1e Sep 11, 2012 5:14 PM Flag

    AMZN now worth the same as INTC...

    Tech - youre stoopit for buying any stox... Intc is an oversold dog - true, but all stox are worthless and the markets are to the point that even oversold dogs will be cut in 1/2... Stay away from optionz too dummy. You should listen to potty mouth sybil ... Sybil speaks the tongue of the trading gods....

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    • Sybs:

      I understand where you are coming from. The markets are rigged and they suck. More importantly, equity holders will find out where they stand in the preference stack and it ain't where they will want to be...

      Having said that, there are a few companies that will weather this storm pretty damn well. Intel happens to be one of them...

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      • " The markets are rigged and they suck."


        Do you mean that someone is "fixing" the prices on the market?

        If that's so, how can we ever buy and expect to make a profit? It might go up or down randomly!


      • Tech

        Intc, msft, aa, even a too big too fail bank ... All got great book value and will oneday be good plays ... But as you know markets north of s&p 1400 svck coooock (interesting The yahoo police didnt screen out your "svck"). Sybil considerz anything shy of s&p 1550 a massive bear market rally, and anything north of 1550 a 'bull trap'. Sybil's overall thesis is that the 30 year scam to beat all scamz iz done and that we are in a secular kodiak grizzily bear market thats going to tear sheeple the fvck up, 401k and 'value' plays and all... Do you really want To be long anything when sybil forcasts s&p 450 complete with knifings in the streets and slaughterings of every man woman and child out 4 themselvez....????!!!! Listen to sybil, stupid... The next armaggedon aint thermo nuke - its financial.

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