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  • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Sep 23, 2012 6:11 PM Flag

    What I think will happen to AMZN stock price love hear your input

    I think they will take AMZN to between 205 to 215 pretty fast thus getting all kinds of shorts to jump on that are on but not as heavy as they want to be, or they want to short or buy puts but have not yet. After the mm's feel as many shorts are on as will happen, they will make sure 2 or 3 short aqueezes happen that sends AMZN over 300!

    Now the only thing wrong with this feeling is I too feel these kindle fires are chit and I can see things getting really bad and Bezos just totally blew it with this call, I feel 80 could happen or 60 if it gets as bad as amzn stuck with tons of kindles nobody bought that they were selling at a loss anyway because everyone adults and kids bought either a Samsung Galaxy s3 or Iphone 5, there just was not enough money out there in this awful real 25% unemployment economy for the s3 the iphone 5 and the kindle fire crap to do allright.

    The wildcard would be if he really can sell all these chitty things he thinks he can, in that case the bulls could take amzn to 350 400 with momentum and shock and suprise alone.

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    • I haven't seen the new Kindles yet, but the 7 inch Fire @ $200 looks interesting.
      The 9 inch models, although cheaper than an iPad, are too expensive for Amazons market.
      Amazon sells these devices at a loss, so profit is not their motive.
      Their main purpose is to highlight Amazon books and movies.

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      • It's amazon wishful thinking to make money from books and movies by selling the device below the cost. Most of people bought Kindle Fire because it's cheaper, so these people are price sensitive. They will pay a lot to buy books, and movies. Large percentage of them may even go to XDA get hacked rom to make it be able to access Google Map, Google Playstore and gmail.

      • Class I'm about where you are on what happens to scamasong but the puts are already so expensive and that #$%$ chatter about the puts bringing the stock up or helping it set a floor is #$%$ if you ask me, maybe for a few days it could do that, nothing more, wait till Bezos puts a million share insider sell block thru

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