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  • fig_plucker fig_plucker Sep 25, 2012 4:15 PM Flag

    Gawd I hope ammzn does a green mountain coffee roasted:)

    That would be glorious.

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    • Yes... that would be great, but it won't happen because wall street is in love with this company for some reason right now. It can do no wrong!! Management forecasted a loss for the next quarter, but the stock ran up from about $210 or so to where it is now since then. AMZN announce new kindles coming...stock goes up... they never say exactly how many are sold, but stock goes up.. Walmart decides not to sell Kindles any longer...stock does nothing... B&N announce a new Nook...AMZN stock does nothing....AAPL iPad mini coming effect on AMZN stock.

      The stock just never goes down because of the wall street favor that AMZN currently has...and the amount of $$$ the options bandits are making off the weekly options!! One day the downward pressure will start, but who knows when or what the catalyst will be.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Companies that have 300 PE's like AMZN does, and have slim margins that are getting slimmer by the day as amzn does, eventually get taken to the wood shed everytime.

        Its a darwin thing as the strong survive, and the weak do not.

        I cannot tell you when this will happen, but it will happen.

        When I hear caca about this company being different, and this company gets special treatment, I know, they in time, will get priced accordingly:)

    • For those that dont know green mountain coffee roasted went from $110 a share to 17 a share in short order due to a PE that was around 100. Amzn PE is 300++.

      Just thinking of the potential here has got to make even Joe Kennedy roll in his grave:)

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