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  • sparkle.jenni sparkle.jenni Oct 2, 2012 9:58 PM Flag

    I'm a little disappointed...

    ...with the people on this board. They said they would give me some helpful advice, but they didn't follow through. Boo!

    Anyway, the good news is, I picked AmeriTrade as my broker!!! After careful considerations on my own, I might add. It took me a while, with classes (with are getting a little heavy now) and my work schedule, but I think I picked a winner. :-)

    I have to wait a bit more still, so I can keep my eye on AMZN for now...

    Glad to be one step closer to being a real-life stock trader!


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    • Hey Jen, I told you not to buy at 260, wait for a dip. I'll tell you when to buy. In the meantime you should go to Amazon's investor relations page. Read the letters to stockholders, especially the 1997 letter.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Jenni,
      I gave you the name of a excellent book on the stock market. Did you read it?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Hi again, Edison :-)

        Yes, I read it. Thank you for turning me on to it!

        One thing I read kinda worried me though. On page 44, the author says, "The public normally does not go into the market until it's well towards the upper level in the cycle..."

        Do you think I might be too late? Or is the "bull cycle" for AMZN still on? It's sure shooting up fast now!



    • Did you deliver a 18-21 year old virgin "jenni" to be sacrificed to the markets??? It is by the wishez of the trading gods that sybil shall taunt this fresh meat to no end .... Or could this be something more sinister, like geegee, philjoe, or nemisis in drag here to fool sybil with something too good to be true, much like amzn pig stok at 250.00? The jury iz out on this one... In any event - the trading gods are powerful, and they are wise. They will reveal the true nature of what is in avatar jenni's heart.... The sweet smell of innocense, or something much more dark and sinister....

    • In the last 4-5 Amazon stock performance is as good as Google, Apple. However, it's far behind Apple and Google in terms of making money. Most of its business are low margin business due to tough competition from stronger players, and no loyalty its customers(retail consumers are very sensitive about the price, only have loyalty to the price).

      So, the simple word to desribe Amazon stock is "it is a bubble". Some day if its growth becomes smaller(say less than 20%), its stock could drop more than 30% in a single trading day
      because its high PE ration(over 300) can not be justified. That's one of the reasons that the big inside sale(CEO/EVPs) in the last few weeks.

      If you are a real person as you said about yourself, go read some books before getting into the water too early. You also should figure out your investment goal(short terms trading as income or long terms growth, or a value player).

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