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  • philandjoel1e philandjoel1e Oct 5, 2012 4:36 PM Flag

    Short the rips - dont cover the dips

    Just let it fvckin TANK then cover.......

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    • Techstrategy wrote:

      "This shows an even more profound lack of understanding of options than your prior statement did of conditional probability.... I'll let you try to figure out why. If you cannot and give up, I'll explain it later..."

      Yes, they're both totally beyond me, but I'm willing to learn. Can you teach me? Thank you.

    • Sybs:

      The folks who did that last week got hit pretty hard... People, this is headed south. But, do not get greedy (e.g. do not buy anything for which you would need to use a stop loss order... those should all be on the long side by now and all will eventually be taken out...) and you will make plenty. Bet too much and you will get stopped out for a loss...

      Understand that the battle between "hyperinflation is inevitable (because assets cannot go down in price because the Fed has everyone's back)" and the real world is underway. The former will lose and badly. What those folks don't get is that the ONLY group that the public trusts less than government and lawyers is Wall Street. Therefore, money will flow from stocks to UST bonds UNTIL the correction takes place. Wall Street has come to believe common sense and valuations don't matter, but they do because the general public will keep scaling out ad infinitum...

      For the actual investors out there, I strongly recommend you consider going long INTC. I'll simply say this. In any world where Amazon is able to gain nominally from here, INTC will gain WAY more (if you adopt a scenario based approach to future developments, you'll figure it out).

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      • I tell you this people. Both techstrategy and philandjoel1e are deranged. You don't want to commit suicide with them. Read their posts only for entertainment purpose.

        Oh by the way techstrategy is doing pump and dump. On September 11, he bought 100 contracts of April 2013 calls @ 25 for Intel at about one dollar. Today's price? .56 -.58. Almost cut in half.

        He started shorting AMZN around $220 and you know where she it today.

        The probability of losing both bets in a set of two is 25 percent. Techstrategy nailed it! He accomplished only 1 out of 4 people can accomplish if they acted purely randomly!

    • "Just let it fvckin TANK then cover......."

      You're getting tired of waiting and waiting and waiting, huh?

      While you loser shorts wait and wait for something which may NEVER come, a handful of people like me, disciplined traders, make small profits almost every day.

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