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  • chan432000 chan432000 Oct 26, 2012 10:45 PM Flag

    amzn today was possibly the most bizarre action ever for a stk

    even cramer tonight talked about the incredible disconnect between amzn and apple. amzn is basically a company that sells items for loses yet has a $105 bil cao

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    • There is nothing holding this POS together... I don't get it!

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      • We love all you shorts over here at the Amazon board.

        I myself, love how negative you are on Amazon. I know you don't get it, most of the shorts on here would need to see videos of the best warehouses for 30 minutes straight to get it.

        After the shorts were shown wal mart, fedex and ups warehouses, then lastly they were shown how much faster, wiser, and simpler the Amazon warehouses move product around. Then they would finally get it and understand why Jeffie spends so much on research and development of his warehouses. You see the longs are at the point where they park money on the side, waiting for the instance AMZN gets whacked a little to get a bigger and bigger long position. They have learned they get 1 day tops to add to AMZN whenever it gets whacked, so they add immediately. Now that the longs always add at the same time or day,it scares the chit out of the shorts who must cover thus helping to send AMZN higher then it was going to go anyway.

        1st major squeeze to 300, 2nd major squeeze to 360, amzn will top at 360 and drift slowly down to 320 after that before another lift off starts. I have taken my time to explain and help you shorts. You can take my advice or donate more money to myself and the loyal amzn longs, your choice.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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