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  • cpataxweb cpataxweb Nov 5, 2012 12:40 PM Flag

    Here is proof that analysis are clueless

    Look at eps trend over period of time. Just keep lowering it without lowering the price target.

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    • now the spin is that it's all because they are "investing" the money into their business as the excuse of lowered earnings. The issue there is that when INTC or any company does that, they still have a profit model to make money while doing it. AMZN isn't. So while the anlayst think they are bleeding the competition, they are , in fact, bleeding themselves. as shown by the higher liability ratios building up versus their cash: they haven't been making money the last few qtrs while their competiton has a boatload from making money through the whole cycle since 2008. You can't introduce everything and constantly be hailed a "loss leader" perpetually. You have to make money. And now it's not just about making money with the stock valued historically as levels where companies make double digit earnings /per share in a year based on their share price. AMZN isn't making even making pennies. I can't believe there's not one anlayst out there taking them to task on this while AAPL gets hit on them slowing down. That makes little sense but then again, it makes little sense to park you hard earned money in stocks with high double, then triple, and now quadruple earnings mutliples. There's been many hindsight examples of that being completely stupid. Have to see if history ryhmes ahead.

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      • The stock price will come down, but Mr. market will make it painful if you are playing it down as I am. It will feel like hard earned money. This would have been a stock to avoid, something I wish I had, because the lost opportunities on other stocks which react more rationally to company performance, can never be regained. There is little solace in knowing that I will be making money in the coming months playing AMZN down. But at least I will get something.


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