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  • nasdaq_6000_baby nasdaq_6000_baby Nov 7, 2012 4:29 PM Flag

    By the way techstrategy: INTC as new 52 week lows now, AMZN's was what? 167? lol!!

    but your plan is all working perfectly right?

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    • Techstrategy started buying calls (@25) on September 11 this year. In less than two months he's lost about 50% on his first 300 contracts. The remaining 300 contracts he added later may not have dropped that much in value, but couldn't be making money.

      The only thing he knows to do in the market is keep adding to his losing positions.

      Sure, he may get lucky sometimes, but he's a pure gambler.

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      • Not a gambler at all. I've simply figured out how to profit from the ridiculous price moves. I'd explain it to you, but I am quite sure it is over your head. What I know how to do is to not only ride out the predatory price moves that are intended to shake out weak hands, but to profit even more from them...

        The markets at large are gambling. What you daytraders do is gambling. What I do is find stocks where the security is extraordinarily mispriced do to the technical trading (generally float manipulation long) and stake out significant positions with extraordinarily strong risk/return profiles.

        I don't get lucky. I am very rigorous in my fundamental analysis and disciplined in my methodology. They are internally consistent and effective. I just play on longer time horizons than your brain can comprehend. And, I've been correct on every single one of my major plays over the intermediate term (GOOG, AAPL. NFLX, GMCR, CMG) and will be with INTC and AMZN as well...

    • Funny you should ask. I bought my call options starting when it was $23. I've been adding contracts (now up at 600 contracts from mid 2013 to Jan 2015). Today, I adjusted 25% of the strikes down $3 from the prior level. The spread cost me a little under $1.40. If it continues to drop, I will adjust the remaining strikes... I will make a killing on INTC.

      Probably more than what I will make on these float jam scams, although this scam is so epic, it is really hard to conceive of a better return than being short this company...

      Thanks for checking in Nazzyboy... BTW, I made a killing today. And, I'm just getting started.

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      • Techstrategy is a deranged person.

        The first 100 calls he bought on September 11, 2012 for about a dollar is now 7 or 8 cents. According to him, he "adjusted" his strike prices by selling them when they were still 20 cents or so, but if the underlying stock keeps dropping, "adjusting" doesn't matter, does it?

      • Bit early by my reckoning. I do like INTC at $12.00 and I start to love it at $9.00.

      • For those of you who are investors, I will connect a dot or two on INTC. Most of the worlds FPGA chips (used extensively for signal processing and communications technology) are manufactured in Taiwan. It is a massive national security issue (see Panetta's comments on Huwaei and ZTE hardware, which is a separate, but related issue). The TCO of using foreign made chips in is too high. DOD (and domestic companies with a clue that care about corporate espionage) realize we need domestic foundries. Guess who has the most advanced and secure foundries with excess capacity that will soon be upgraded to 14nm?

        Google "FPGA foundries" and read the article "The Hunt for the Kill Switch". It should scare the crap out of you. It should also make you realize why investing in INTC is very wise in light of recent comments about communications security....

        More to come. Selling AMZN and buying INTC at these levels will price to be the best investment decision you ever make.

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