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  • geegenjar geegenjar Nov 9, 2012 2:27 PM Flag

    Just bought 5K GRPN shares...

    Techstrategy wrote: "Sybs: I know what I am doing. Not worried about it."

    Yeah, the only thing you know is to add to your losing positions. Of course, you're not worried about it because you're too dumb to realized how stupid you are.

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    • I have many faults in this lifetime, but being stupid simply isn't one of them. You conflate short term moves with being right or wrong. It is the reason I make do so well over the intermediate to long term. Your little brain is too small to be able to comprehend how the system will evolve...

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      • Tech: Now I know you don't know what you are doing.
        I have inside knowledge (not inside information) from former
        GRPN salesmen that GRPN will be bankrupt within a year.
        They have no moat and the novelty is wearing off.
        Most discounts are on restaurants which will be negatively impacted by Obamacare.
        In fact, my favorite short is still CMG which will hit $80 and has
        Already outperformed AMZN on the downside.

        You are also wrong about INTC. I am a former INTC executive.
        The x86 franchise is in big trouble.
        The ARM is a superior processor.
        The only reason to stick with the x86 is Microsoft,
        And MSFT is talking about moving away from the x86.

        I still own some INTC but will br selling it on the Santa Claus rally.

        My favorite stock is AAPL, which might break to new highs
        Next Spring.
        I'll be selling that too if it does.

        The main reason the US is going into a recession is simply
        Lack of stimulus spending.
        Same thing happened after FDR got re-elected.
        I cant believe history is repeating, but it appears
        That so called conservatives dont understand economics.
        Balanced budgets do not stimulate the economy.
        Economic activity only happens when somebody produces something.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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