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  • michaelmars128 michaelmars128 Nov 11, 2012 12:43 PM Flag

    2 big reasons AMZN will fall to 175 very soon

    Gold should be bought for the long term As far as Obama there will be a grand bargain with capital gains and div rates going higher for those making above at least 250K may go higher to secure a compromise! Not the end of the world! We need more progressive tax rates! Especially for those earning 10 million and more like 40% -45% We need cuts to the military industrial complex like at least 50BB per yr for 10 yrs! We will still spend more than 17 other countries combined! We need to close our bases in Germany and Japan bring our troops home! We need to restructure our corporate tax code and reward job creators here! Legalize Marijuana and pardon all those young people sitting and rotting in prisons for POT Get rid of Prisons for Profit or tax then out of existence!
    As for amazon it cannot grow into a 3,000+ P/E it is way overvalued no matter what #$%$ Bezos says about long term Buy Apple 10X forard earnings sitting with 120BB inc ash!

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    • You are correct on one thing. AMZN is overpriced.
      You are incorrect on most of the other comments.
      1. It is a very simple fact: A nation cannot tax itself into prosperity. Reason: Pretty soon, more are sucking off those of us who work and pay taxes. Prosperity results from more productivity. BTW, that word is mispronounced by some on TV who are not too smart. The o is a long o and ryhmes with produce, not product. Dont' people know it is derived from produce? I guess they just don't think much.
      2. Corporations, yes even the "rich" ones should not be taxed heavily. Were you ever hired by a poor corporation? If so, your job was not secure. Your use of the word, "progressive" reminds me of those who use the word "choose" when they are really saying abortion, i.e.:killing !!
      3. The primary reason we are having and will continue the obama crash is due to his heavy tax policies. Those who have a profit on AMZN and many other stock will be taking their long term gains this calendar year. I would recoommend they get on the stick or they will not have any gains left.
      4. Marijuana is for airheads and others who rely on the rest of us to do the thinking.
      5. If a country does not have a strong military, they will not remain a major world power economically.
      6. We need to eliminate our need for oil from terrorist nations. Every thinking person knows we need to drill off shore and in NE Alaska. All our enemies such as Iraq can figure out what their leverage is after that. Yes, that may reduce our requirement for military to some degree.

      Conclusion: Do these things and prosper !!

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      • chipmantony Nov 12, 2012 7:21 AM Flag

        prospec5; your existance and input is irrelevant to economic matters.
        For one thing corporations have been getting a break for the last 20 years, and it hasn't solved #$%$ and has made our countires position worse if anything. Higher taxes affect them in the short term because they panic but then their operations stabalize and they adjust and begin to carry on business as usual. These are the guys who at the first sign of panic fire dozens of people and then go to the government and ask for more money. It doesn't matter what their tax rate it they need to tighten up operations which is what a higher tax rate forces them to do.

        I recommend you to look back at history and see how much better the economy has done under Democratic presidents in every aspect of growth than Republican counterparts.
        The kicker is the rich know they should pay higher taxes but many have fallen to the corruption of greed. They are no better than welfare recipients because they themselves are constantly screaming more, more, more! And they want that more to come out of the governments pocket!!! Look at the election results and you will see that 8 out of the top 10 richest counties in the nation voted for OBAMA! These results weren't even close in these counties, and the only 2 counties that didn't vote for him were in New Jersey and were the ones most affected by the hurricane. This goes to show you that there is extreme support for Obama and his higher tax plan among the wealthiest. Look at his supporters from Buffet to Jay Z and Beyonce. They all AGREE with him.
        Lets talk about the "Obama crash" I guess everyone on Wall Street forgot that the stock market reached record levels during his presidency. But everyone looks at the debt he amassed which was the result of him keeping us out of, potentially the greatest depression we have ever seen.

        So shut up and quit being bitter that your GOP had a terrible bullpin when it came to candidates and they picked some shape shifting snake as their nomineee. The only reason he was chosen is because they thought he could take Michigan, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire which he took none of them. His own people didn't even support him because he had no merit to run on. Massachusetts economic progress was terrible when he was governor and he accumulated a heaping pile of debt while he was in there.

        Second, the only reason he picked Paul Ryan as his running mate was because he thought he would take Wisconsin which he failed to do.
        The republican party is blind and ignorant when it comes to the economy and politics so shut up you football humping monkey.

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      • Perfect right wing talking points that you the robo man. How did the Amercan economy prosper with a 90% top tax rate. Genius if you were ever in business you should know that NO decision is made on what kind of taxes an investor or a corporation may make. I want to pay 1 million in taxes cause if I do it, means I must have made at least 3 million. and secondly because I love this country. Corporations are FLUSH with cash what is lacking is their LOVE of their country! The country that allows them to own 7-8 homes when many people are homeless It allows them to make on average 475 times the lowest paid. Look it up Mexico is next with only 50X the lowest paid! Go fight for a woman to be forced to give birth to a baby conceived in rape. Buddy one more thing CONTRACEPTION prevent s abortions! But for the right wing nuts that isn't enough they want it declared that pregnancy begins with an erection! Go back to 1955 you must love it there but hey wait wasn't that a period when we had a top rate of 90% and a Republican president hero who decided to make America strong we need a National Highway system and after the Rockefeller's, The DuPont's said no go from the private sector the Government stepped in and built it for all Americans Rich poor liberal and conservatives! That's when we had PATRIOTS who loved America! Not some one like you who want's to control another by calling their right to privacy and their decision on whether to give birth or not MURDER because of your warped mindset. You are a dying breed, get used to it Goodbye!

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