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  • rm1280 rm1280 Nov 12, 2012 11:03 AM Flag

    2 big reasons AMZN will fall to 175 very soon

    Anyone who doesn't like taxes and government and government debt should come to Somalia. There's no government, and hasn't been for years! There is no government debt, and hasn't been for years! There are no taxes, and hasn't been for years! It's the land of the free and home of the brave. Don't forget to bring your AK's and Smith&Wesson's and a truck load of ammo. Lots to shoot at for fun. You just gotta keep the wife and kids safe.

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    • Yup, the obama clown will take us down that road soon. He does not deserve to be called commander in chief. He could not bring himself to defend our citizens stationed in Libia. Then he let them die and lied about it. Why are you idiots so ignornat abou that? I guess you never served in the military-just like obama.

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      • Actually...I'm deployed right now. So I guess Obama has more experience in the military then Romney does now that he has been the commander in chief for the last four years, therefore thank god that clown wasn't elected!

      • Oh and I guess you watch Fox news too much because you are like a broken record repeating everything they say. On the subject of "Libya" (yes it is spelled with a "y") we could have sent in 50 troops and jeopardized their lives or we could have spent 100 million bucks deploying our troops into Libya as an attempt to squash the riot. Either way the country's hatred for the U.S would have multiplied and we would have endangered more lives. Then your precious Fox news would have been criticizing him for entering a conflict that didn't involve us and ask why we are still wasting millions of dollars in other countries. Chris Stevens knew the risks there more than any of us and we will never know what his thoughts were. He is a brave fallen hero and how about you respect him and quit ferociously blaming anyone for his death. The middle east isn't pretty and there is just as much conflict if not more than there ever has been in the last decade so we can't possibly act on every hunch or threat we stumble upon.

      • You mean W not listening to his intel chiefs that America was going to be attacked with commercial aircraft! They never could say when but the intel was there and NOT acted upon. Plus will someone somewhere show me where the wings of the jet that crashed into the Pentagon. How about WTC # & that wasn't hit yet it collapsed or imploded!

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      • Are you smarter than the (whole) nation?

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