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  • philtmcnasty8 philtmcnasty8 Nov 25, 2012 9:07 PM Flag

    Tech predicted iPad mini would have Siri

    Where did you see that Amazon's growth slowed on Friday?
    The report I read showed increase in sales growth.

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    • Check the pumper Reuters article. I pulled it from the content toward the end. Last year, the YOY growth rate was 49%. This year 43%, despite an all out TV advertising campaign unlike last year and several new product launches (full Kindle refresh plus new models). eBay went from 12% YOY to 36%, without the TV ad campaign...

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      • I think that was for Saturday, not Friday but your point is taken. It's looking like most retailers' profits will be lower this year even if sales are up, as price competition seems to be fierce.

      • The article (like all media articles on Amazon for now) leads with Amazon having the highest YOY growth of online retailers. But, that growth IS slowing (49% to 43%) despite massive investment in revenue growth:
        1) loss leaders stacked on loss leaders -- Kindle, Kindle Fire, Prime;
        2) several more new products than last year via full kindle platform refresh;
        3) a vastly more aggressive TV advertising campaign -- I've seen far more Amazon commercials than Google, Apple or WalMart. That has to be adding up.

        As I said, eBay has done NO advertising that I've seen. Yet, its growth accelerated from 12% to 36% YOY, but wasn't included since it is a "marketplace" instead of a retailer. A marketplace whose merchants don't yet have to collect taxes -- which is why Amazon is pushing the Main Street Fairness Act while trying to evade taxes that it has agreed to collect by financing and maintaining inventoring, driving web traffic through advertising, processing orders, and fulfilling them yet claiming they are not "sold" by Amazon...

        But really, despite the massive differential in growth rates which happens to correlate the Amazon having to collect taxes in many states, believe the analysts who tell you that it doesn't matter...

      • YOY growth rate of 43% still significantly higher than other retailers. You have to admit that's pretty impressive given that many big B&M retailers have embraced online in a big way this year.

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