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  • once_on once_on Nov 26, 2012 3:04 PM Flag

    Is the world full of Geeg's and Nas' ???? who the Hell buys this $%&* at this price?

    What is Fidelity doing holding 15M+ shares, etc..... ?

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    • "What is Fidelity doing holding 15M+ shares, etc..... ?"

      Manipulating the stok to inflict the maximum pain on dead and dying shorts, and then selling into panic covering :)

      Thats what fmr, llc does... Manipulate stox in their HNW managed accounts and then sells crack head puts against them and loans their sharez out for retailerz to short so they can kill them at the same time they unload their sharez to the dead and dying before they collapse... Its really interesting what robots in a secretive, privately held institution like fidelity can do when bernanke assures no moral hazard consequences to the "too big to fail" institutionz like fmr, llc.

    • growth fund of America has a ton of this.I read the report they mailed me as I own some. This explains why Growth fund of America hasn't make me any money in 10 yrs. Somehow there are tons of mutual funds who don't care about earnings since they gamble with your money.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • these games start with their easy money. they think it's great to act like a hedge fund supporting Bezos here and wealth inequality and not earning his wealth via making money. they print it for him.

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