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  • friulliguy friulliguy Nov 28, 2012 9:13 PM Flag

    jeff the bozo...doesn't pay the small little guy

    they can't pay the little guy, so i will shop other than amazon, even if it costs more.

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    • Buying and investing locally is a critical part of the solution to our problems. When you do so, the money gets recirculated in the local economy -- and increases the velocity of money because most locals in most economies have a higher marginal propensity to consume than Jeff Bezos and those that own Scamazon...That in turn leads to a real multiplier rather than a leakage to the system.

      Once state pension funds like Calpers truly understand that Amazon's "fulfilled by Amazon" model is really hurting them first and foremost -- not just via the direct effect of lost taxes, but the indirect effect via the multiplier effect of lower local monetary velocity -- Amazon will have one helluva shareholder and branding issue...

    • Shopping and investing locally is an important part of the solution. Handing your money to Jeff so he can invest in an out of state "fulfilment center" which evades state taxes and thus increases your burden where you cannot escape (property taxes) is a mistake...

      I expect a big backlash against Amazon's practices from Calpers and all state pension funds -- ain the final analysis, Amazon is taking tax revenues from them. Local merchantspay taxes and support the local economies. In 2013, Amazon will face a massive brand hit as the public better understands the wealth transfer via tax evasion...

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