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  • philandjoel1e philandjoel1e Nov 29, 2012 3:58 PM Flag

    Today, on the daily view iz a very special day kids

    That fat flying pig just hit the dow trend line connecting the tops from the 264.11 high.. Sybs cant believe she flapped her stubby little wingz so hard and so high, but she bumped her head hard and iz all tuckered out now.... Poor pig. Its gonna be a 'hard landing' fer sure.

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    • Market chatter " Google and Amazon in cloud storage price war?" No kidding? Who could have seen it coming? I mean why wouldn't Apple and Google just let Scamazon attack their respect core businesses without fighting back?

      That $3B isn't going to go nearly far enough. And the next financing is going to be way more expensive. Print Benny Print! MOMO longs think it will help Amazon.... Eventually, they'll figure it out...

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      • "the cloud" sounds like the "nano tech" hype that everyone had going a few years back.....the latest buz words and the latest craze......gonna get some nano paper to wipe our butts with.

        Peel back the onion........the Content network providers [CDN] aren't waiting by waiting for Amazon. Take Akami, Level 3 and a host of other companies in the same space. Don't think for a min there isn't competition.

        and as usual with the Amazon lack of transparency we don't get the details. For instance the cost of optical backhaul....the long GIGe circuits that they gotta buy for many thousands per month to make all the servers talk. No mention of the colocation costs. No discussion of net margins albeit we can only guess based on their vaporware biz plan that these aren't making cash. No mention of the last mile or how they intent to deliver it. Real thin on details.

        usual Bezos/ Wizard of Oz ......disregard the money/profit/costs man behind the curtains.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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