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  • philandjoel1e philandjoel1e Nov 29, 2012 4:11 PM Flag

    Sorry tech, sybs had to dump doggy intc at 19.99 today for a measily 1% gain to.....

    Free up maximum gun powder to short arsloadz of scamazon.... This Piggy iz gonna pay sybby, biatchez... Sybs waz glad to unload intc in the mourning and breathed a sigh of relief after looking at its doggy action - that fvck'in pup keeps barking and it haz a bad flea imfestation going on for sure.

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    • The ultimate knockout move would be if a large holder simply decided to liquidate tomorrow for COB/EOM. Now that would put its peers who bought the dip in a world of hurt and juice relative performance.

      But, alas, I play for the long term. I'll leave the trading to the traders...

    • Understood. I definitely rebalance as the risk / return changes. As I said, I expect peak #$%$ to be this Friday. As I said, they have to paint it hard.

    • Hearing a multiyear bottom actually. But, I will explain another time...

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      • No tech... Your drilling from the bottom up, focusing on the individual stok, ratger than tge top down starting with global and index analysis.... The macro run iz nearly done, there for all long tradez shall be crrrruuuuuushed.... The dogz will keeeeep on bark'in dude az the high flyerz get crushed into dust... Wake the fvck up tech, didnt you learn anything from '08? These are the same markets except more debt, more global financial risk, more global volitilty and social unrest... If you think one stock - intc - iz gonna deliver on the premise of some 5 paragraph goobledygob thesis of yourz then your more insane then geegee and dieck wack nasdaq...

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