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  • hawcreek12 hawcreek12 Dec 6, 2012 4:51 AM Flag

    if AMZN is a ponzi scheme as some state here, then how/why do you shorts think you will profit on it?


    The error made with every one of these scams due to the extensive training of the lemmings chasing daily.

    You think the guys doing the manipulating want the stock to go up forever? Fact is they don't care.

    Unlike a traditional ponzi they can make it to the downside as well. The formula is simple, more new money must pile in on the pumps than see it as an opportunity to exit. As with AAPL, a far better value, that will flip at some point. Only one of the original 30 DOW stocks remain.

    They feed out shares, then short shares as they hold up price, then wham, they don't let the longs out. Think of it as a video game not investing, for investing you need some reasonable value. This thing is bought 5+ years into the most optimistic future. The idea they couldn't get a bid two weeks ago and can't get enough 10-13% higher now is silly on the surface. You all know it's a manipulation, just remember, long or short, the manipulators are not here to make YOU money.

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