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  • namfong43 namfong43 Dec 5, 2012 1:31 PM Flag

    You will need to Download the anonymous Tor Browser to read the latest AMZN rumors on the stock boards

    I will copy and past some of the ones most everybody could probably figure out themselves, I'm not going to go into details or names or about half the rumors of future products etc.

    The whole world it seems, (I'm sure this is hedge funds and mutual funds doing this and then retail copying and piggy backing off them) AMZN is going to break its 52 week high of 264 very strongly but the rumor is major accumulation in effect till 320, the price target on it is 314 but on the anonymos Tor Network, one major trader on the floor and who uses dark net and dark pools to hide his buys was told from his boss to buy all he can each day without looking to obvious and without taking AMZN up more then 10 on the day. He said if they really started fighting over shares and some weight became available to not make it easy for anybody else to grab a good amount of shares. The other rumor is Bezos broker is buying for his personal account all he can in small amounts as long as AMZN stays under 320, they are betting above that by Feb 1st. Somebody bought 500 contracts of the Jan 320 which is way out of the money but that trader expects AMZN to be close to that by Jan 19th, earnings are Jan 31st! Based on all this, the 300 305 310 315 320 325 330 are bargains that have not moved up at all but soon will a great deal. AMZN breaking its 52 week high very soon is not a rumor lol,more like a lock, we will see a pile in on margin soon if you ask me, as only 2% short could not stop its momentum even for a dollar or two when they try as hard as they can.

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