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  • philandjoel1e philandjoel1e Dec 6, 2012 11:13 AM Flag

    Nasdaq_6000 will be jerking off in the wreckage and panic ...

    " Why don't you techstrategy to post his option trades and see what he says. He probably doesn't feel the need to do it like I don't to you. dope. lol!"

    Redirecting attention to tech from the task at hand, which iz for nasdaq_6000 to post a trade (any trade - valid or invalid), doez not constitute verification of buy and sell transactionz of amzn common stock.

    Again and at the risk of being repetitive:

    You live in an asylum down the hall from geegee. If you persist in showing agression during the 'internet access experiment' then the doctorz will revoke your usage, remove you from the study population and schedule your lobatomy.

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