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  • philandjoel1e philandjoel1e Dec 6, 2012 6:53 PM Flag

    All money eating margin callz pressed last friday are cleared

    The institutionz dont have the will or motivation to take the risk to drive yet another leg up... Brtween tro and fmr once they bail out with their illgotten gainz this pig will crash az bezos and co dump dump dump....

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    • Bezos pulled out 200 million last week in selling shares. Look at insider trades.

    • Hey donkey - you have been short this stock, PCLN, among others for years and they just keep going up. You keep claiming you're a millionaire - when will you stop being a lying idiot?

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      • Hey douchbag,

        Sybs lowest short on pcln waz 640 and highest on incremental shorts without ever covering 773, sybs average price short of pcln was 727 on 3200 sharez. sybs began covering pcln at 620 sybs lowest cover of pcln was 580, sybs average cover of pcln was 605 lowest cover. (727-605) x 3200 = $390,000 gainz. Sybil took thoze gainz in september and began a short campaign on scamazon, never looking back at pcln.

        Amzn hasnt tanked yet sybs ballz deep into 8800 sharez short. Sybil haz swing traded amzn to acheive an average short price of 248.00. Too be continued... The crash will tell the tail... Sybilz target coverz are 20% at 180, 30% at 160, 30% at 140, and 20% for the ride down to 30... Any time that this pig rizez 15% off a cover point sybil will begin re-opening covered shorts at 25% intervalz of what waz covered (maybe more maybe less depending on how the charts read and where oh resistance iz at in relation to the trade price). Sybil haz mucho gun powder. Sybilz account iz veiwed favorvarably by the trading gods, sybs tradez are sanctioned by the trading gods.

        Sybil haz not been short theze pigs for 'yearz' az you claim, this has all taken place in the 2012 trade year and iz looking like it will carry through the 1st 1/2 of 2013.... Watch and learn douchbag for this iz why sybil haz several mil in play....

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