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  • nasdaq_6000_baby nasdaq_6000_baby Dec 7, 2012 12:47 PM Flag

    so techstartegy? sell any AAPL here on strength? or are you gonna ride it down to the next lower lows?

    not yet. On a similar theme, read where a guy said INTC is cooked longterm into next year with the move to mobile computing. Says chips will become even more obsolete than to those of QCOM. And earings will suffer huge ahead, thus making it's low PE signal here based on higher earnings that are past and declining now Secularly.

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    • In that case, you need to learn to read higher level content. The comic section should be behind you at your age...

      I know technology well. I understand both scaling laws for chips, both in economic and power/performance terms... Please short INTC. Please. You too Geeg.

      I will outperform because I understand the underlying economics... All those chasing will get crushed.

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      • I won't short INTC but that doesn't mean the guy isn't right. And you've proven you picks to be nothing but horrible while you continue with your blowharded pomposity that "it will all become clear" crap. Your're full of it. Nothing has become clear about what you say. Not one iota.

      • what's clear is your woeful vision against what are clear strong trends the are contrary to your postions in INTC and AMZN.

      • NAS:

        It hasn't become clear here yet. I don't trade the past. I invest for the future. Little momentum traders like you said the same things on NFLX, CMG, GMCR (at 450) and on GOOG at 500, NSPH at 1, and GMCR at17. I invest according to fundamental economics. The predatory behavioral investing that dominates the landscape these days move stock much further in both directions than fundamentals warrant. And, I've learned how to capitalize on it.

        Please keep buying here. Load up. Seriously. It is the most loved and supported scam, is it not?

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