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  • nasdaq_6000_baby nasdaq_6000_baby Dec 10, 2012 8:53 AM Flag

    so let's sum up Techstrategy's message this weeked about pleading to people to boycott AMZN

    Because his short postion is in big trouble and by boycotting AMZN, he's pleading to people to move away from the freight train trend running him over: Going online to purchase everything and AMZN leading that trend. By trying to plead to a yahoo message board to move back to mom & pop stores, he's indirectly pleading for people to try to helo his underwater short postition: what a greed SOB!! lol!! screww the is guy and keep shopping at AMZN with the ease that it provided and keep pinning this short PUTZ to the wall as he is now!! yeah baby yeah!

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    • If I wanted to effect a boycott on a massive scale, I would be writing SEIU and the state pension funds helping them to understand the economic impact. I'm not. I'm simply letting those retail investors that may be invested in the stock understand the implications of their own decisions. Those that understand systems know that the emergent behavior of systems from small changes in initial conditions or feedback loops can be profound...

      I don't need a boycott. Google, WalMart, Target and Best Buy are already making the competitive responses I expected that will crush the hype around Amazon...

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