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  • ex.goldbug ex.goldbug Dec 21, 2012 3:21 PM Flag

    Did Any Of You Short Idiots See How Much Real Estate AMZN Bought?????

    Enron erected a new 50 story skyscraper in Houston right before it collapsed and Wachovia bank erected a huge skyscraper in Charlotte before it collapsed in 2008. Numerous other examples. I am not suggesting any similarity between Wachovia or Enron and Amazon, but I'm just saying buying real estate means nothing. The Empire State building was planned right before the '29 crash, and built after. So what is the point Skiidady?

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    • How much money have they borrowed to build these edifices skiidady? Why not pay a dividend instead, hmmmm?

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    • In Dubai they built the 150 story Burq Dubai right before their economy imploded; in Malasia they built the 120 story Petronas towers right before the Asian Tiger crisis, many many examples.Skyscraper building booms are signs of excess and often signs of an impending economic collapse. If Amazon had oodles of cash like Apple, fine, build (Apple is planning a giant new HQ). But how much cash is Amazon using to build these monuments? Shareholders should be asking questions. Why not pay a dividend instead? Isn't there plenty of empty office space in Seattle? Lease!

    • stinky Jr., the point is that AMZN has billions in cash and has no problems swinging these kinds of purchases when they make financial sense. Aren't the majority of you short idiots claiming AMZN is in financial trouble????

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      • SkiSchooled:

        Actually, I am arguing that Amazon's cash flows will not go on a hockey stick ramp as you, BruceTheBezosSycophant and the sell side analysts project. The purchase was little more than financial engineering to take advantage of low interest rates to eliminate some office expense to pad forward earnings. Amazon has little net cash. It doesn't get nearly the CapEx leverage everyone claims (I'll highlight that in a future post) because most of the truly long lived stuff is off balance sheet operating leases. AWS upgrade cycles are fast and about to be more competitive, necessitating higher investment and lower margins (see 25% price cut to match Google).

        It canceled monthly Prime. Why? Seriously. The stated reason was that consumers weren't taking to it. But, why cancel? I thought Jeff wanted everyone to pay when they used something. So why not allow the consumer to continue to have the choice of monthly versus annual? Who cares if only a small subset of customers wanted that choice... That wasn't a consumer friendly move...

        BruceTheBezosSycophant, Bezos is smart. Page is smarter. A lot smarter. Bezos is in the big leagues now. He isn't competing against B&N or Best Buy. And Page has more than 10X the cash and true FCF of Amazon for this fight. For now, I will simply assert that Google has far more critical strategic assets to truly dominate the cloud enabled future than Amazon. What Amazon has, Google can replicate quickly and relatively cheaply. What Google has, Amazon simply cannot ever afford to build or acquire...

      • Skiidady, aren't you familiar with the reports of slow kindle sales? All that cash? Amazon is cash poor compared to Apple--how much cash does a 3100 PE company generate? Looks like a Bah! Humbug! Christmas. Is "brucetheharmonicaguy" another of your IDs?

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